Korg Volca Drum


The talk of Microtonic in this thread made me dust off my ten year old license and give Microtonic another go.

Microtonic is dope!

So easy to use. I’ve got it all mapped up in Ableton Push now, and it’s hands-on digital drums all day over here.

Now, after years of focusing on individual hardware boxes, I actually know what the hell I am doing, and I am able to dial-in sounds so quickly in Microtonic. Before, it was just a bunch of knobs to me. That was not Microtonic’s fault though.

Aside: Years of focusing on hardware has helped me learn what the hell I am doing, and it makes me appreciate software a lot more now. The Elektrons are great teachers that way.


Then you should think about an OP-Z. Small, battery powered, plockable sequencer…


Sorry, its a catch phrase in my native language. A proper english translation might be: i feel it in my Guts?


No problem with the phrase i like it! In english sometimes people say ‘i feel it in my waters’ which i guess could be the same :slight_smile:


I’ve read the OP-Z thread and even posted on it. It’s a fun little device, but I’d rather get a Volca Drum in the near future, and a price of $120-$150 vs. the OP-Z price is a factor I must admit.

If this new Elektron you’re talking about is so great, I might start saving up for it in the future. If it indeed turns out to be a small, battery powered, and does the same stuff as the Volca Drum I might eventually sell the Korg but it would not be an immediate decision.


In retrospect, the saddest part of the DT, for me, is that it’s not battery powered.


This looks tempting, but I’m also tempted by an older Electribe ER-1, which can be had for the same price. Different beasts however.


It’s like a portable and affordable Nord Drum.

Kinda makes me mad that even this little battery-powered gadget knows what the hell choke groups are.

Sneers at Digitakt


My number one want for the DT.


((hugs original Korg ER-1))

I would love to play with the Volca Drum sometime. But the ER-1 can sequence external MIDI gear and has dual inputs, etc. for as you mention, the same price.


Well hello there next purchase, nice to see you.
Randomiser? I’m all in!
Randy-miser, I’m so excited :grimacing:


midi out mod for the randomizer if that would work = insta buy


Yeah automated cc/note of the randomiser via the OT would be incredible.
Sample feast


There’s usually someone making MIDI out mods for Volcas as soon as they’re available - I have one for my Volca Bass and it’s really useful, just as an extra sequencer.


Still playing catch-up on the various vids but I got the chance to watch the Cuckoo one this morning. I was kind of the opposite to yourself on watching it - horses for courses and that. Seems much deeper than expected and I think the editing is something I can get on OK with. Totally agree about the resonator but like a master delay it’s not something that needs to be used consistently. It also runs the risk of becoming quite ubiquitous as folk deploy the same tricks again and again… in that respect maybe better as a master send as having 6 individual resonators in the wrong hands is a recipe for mushy soup.

The only bit I’m unsure about is the Wavefold, Drive and Bitcrush that are in the sub-menus. If they are also plockable then that’s even more interesting.

I can feel my resistance to temptation diminishing with regards to this as well as the Modular.


Yeah, I fear Korg will be making more money off of me soon - just a matter of time before all 3 new Korgs end up in my house.

I like how he squeezed in a transition featuring the Modular, yet made the whole jam fit within a 3 min. time span.


16 pattern/kit memory :-1: :confounded:


Sure, for playing live, I’ll probably have to sample this Volca (and the others in my possession) and use samples to put together a full set.


It’s a shame that Korg doesn’t like the idea of an additional $2.50 in manufacturing costs, and some minimal OS tweaks in exchange for something a bit less pathetic… like the ability to save 64 patterns/kits maybe?

Such a minor tweak would make this exponentially more usefull imo. I really like how this one sounds/looks too… sigh


I don’t know what it would take - I just know that the Volcas are what they are - limited number of slots to save patterns, limited number of steps, etc. - and have never seen a reason to expect anything different in this latest generation.

I guess I just like these cheap little noisemaker things - got two Pocket Operators, 4 Volcas, etc. The POs don’t even have MIDI, haha. I blew my money on much more expensive and capable gear before, but they require too much menu-diving and stuff; not as fun to use.