Korg releases wavestate native and opsix native

Didn’t see that coming! Current (digital) synths released by the manufacturer as plugins! Could be the start of something

Bought both (150$ each), there is a full demo…I used to own hardware Wavestate, so much better in software as a VST!




Kind of thought the Wavestate was inevitable once they did the software editor and had a GUI to go with the engine. Bit surprised that they’ve done the Opsix at the same time and at how Massive X-y that one looks! The GUIs are definitely a solid improvement on their older VSTs though.

Kind of feel like I’m more than well covered for FM plugins but I’ll definitely pick up the Wavestate one at some point as I’ve tried and failed to replicate that sort of thing in Renoise before. I wish they’d integrated loading user samples into the interface though, as far as I can tell you still have the hassle of using another standalone converter program to put them into banks etc. Maybe it had to be that way to retain compatibility with the hardware.

If I didn’t already own a Wavestate, which last year added a very robust editor/librarian, I’d go for this. I can see how a VST Wavestate has advantages. I love the concept of the Wavestate, and think it’s overall hardware design is pretty awesome, but it tries to do so much for what it is, that a VST is maybe a better implementation of its capabilities.

Edit: just saw that they offer a cross grade price of $49 for owners of the Hardware Wavestate, so I will definitely be buying this asap!


for i moment i hoped it would be for raspberry pie.
that’s something korg should think about, make a nice case with audio and midi i/o, sd card included, you buy your pie, plug it in, you’re good to go. the case comes with one plugin. i also see room for a good universal controller and some nice fx plugins…

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Nice! I don’t have an FM synth on my MacBook right now, so this would fit in nicely. Always loved the sound of the OPSix. If they had made a module, I’d have one. This is the next best since I don’t need keys.

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It’s cool they give a crossgrade discount if you have the hardware.


I’m not sure cool is the word here.
When you pay a synth between 600 and 800€, which will lose value when they release the VST, the minimum would be to offer the VST to hardware owners in my opinion.


I don’t feel like the VST devalues the hardware much, if any. One typically buys hardware because that’s what they want, not because a VST wasn’t available at the time. There are other FM options for VST, so if that was the case, the user could have gone that route. I could be wrong though, as I don’t have any actual numbers to back that up. I have a good set of hardware and software, but I wouldn’t choose one over the other. But then, I keep my hardware and software setups separate, and don’t really mix them when making music on one or the other. (I could just be weird there…) :smiley:


Sorry man, I didn’t look at it like that. I don’t own either.

Ahah, don’t be sorry :smiley:
I was just stating a point as I own the wavestate.
I think it’S an amazing synth, unfortunately really hard to program properly, as it takes a lot of time, so I think a VST is a good thing (they already released an editor in the past months. but I find it a bit sad to have to pay even 50€ for something you already paid much more …

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Well, I mostly don’t produce on software at all, that was the point of buying hardware in the first place, getting rid of any screens, but since that synth (Wavestate) is so complex, I could see the interest of partly producing connected to a DAW, and record directly there aside from Overbridge versions of my Digis. And loading the same preset created in the VST to play live without having to deal with Wavestate hardware interface (which is a ******)

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Agree there! Also, yes, it would be handy to move patches from one to the other now that I think about that use case. Good point. In which case, yes, a deeper discount would be handy as well.

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It apparently works like so from the videos I’ve watched, you can just save the preset back & forth between the vst and hardware

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I really like what you can do with the Wavestate, and had wished there was a VST so I could use the same kind of synthesis when I didn’t have or want to bring my hardware WS with me (e.g. I am at my cabin and have my computer and only one hardware synth with me).

I guess I think $49 is a fair cross grade price. Although I wonder if they might sell more hardware Wavestate’s if they offered the VST for free.

I would have loved an OpSix module instead.


These UIs looks vastly better than the overly skeuomorphic Korg Legacy plugins.


I wonder what this indicates for the future of Korg’s iOS offerings. I was hoping they’d release more AUv3s besides Module (for use in Drambo, AUM, etc). I guess this is a positive development in that direction.

This standalone Wavestate as vst seems really interesting.
As I have some lunch break free time at the office, I can easily think of crafting patches itb without the hardware hassle inherent to Wavestate, then transfer these patches in my hardware Wavestate, then instantly having fun.

I just wonder if the hardware can be used natively as a controller for the vst, for further integration in the sound design process.
A bit like the recently released editor.


From Korg’s Wavestate Native page:

“Plus, you can use any of the many third-party sound and sample libraries available for the hardware wavestate.”

So, our own personally curated samples (ala the Sample Builder/2.0 update) then? That makes things a lot more interesting.

That’s great, but were is my multi-timbral desktop opsix?