Korg Prologue SDK Nerd Patrol


Korg are aware of the tuning issues with the F keys, they’re working on a firmware that should fix it. Korg Luke and Korg UK had “been assured that it will be fixed”. So I’m not worried about that (besides, it’s not THAT bad once it’s been for 20 min or so, at least not on my unit, it’s there but I can do chords without the thing falling apart).


Just checking in with my thoughts on the Prologue now I’ve had it for a couple of weeks.,

I totally love it! I did have some tuning issues when I first got it but upgrading to the latest firmware seemed to fix it. It’s really a very engaging synth. There’s something about it’s sound that draws me in and just makes me want to play it.

Working within its limitations makes it a fast and very connected workflow. It’s simple in architecture but incredibly rich in sound. 16 VCO’s is a wonderful thing! Using the mod wheel and expression pedal, along with the (very limited) on board modulation gives you plenty of movement in your patches.

The multi engine is probably my favourite part. It’s a bit menu divey but
there is a decent amount of programmability once you dig in. The range of possible tones is immense. A special shout out to Eduardo Digital for the awesome Blinds oscillator… I really dig it that one.

I like the filter although it’s not in the same league as, say, the OB-6 filter.
I’ve been running it through my Analog Heat for some extra filter options and drive and, I have to say, it sounds incredible.

All in all, I’m very taken with this synth. It’s beautiful in looks, and extremely well made. It’s very limited in some ways but somehow those limitations work for it rather than against it. On paper you think meh… get your hands on one and then that meh turns to wow! It feels like an instrument rather than a machine.

It excels at beautiful, rich leads but can basically give you any sound you want, with the exception of complex hyper-modulated soundscapes.

It’s been a long time since I clicked like this with a synth. It’s a keeper for sure.


Was noticing on reverb.com that used Prologues are now readily available – as low as $1000 for the 8 and $1500 for the 16. So a used 16 is the same price as a new 8.

That said there is a lot to be said for buying new, i very seldom buy used myself. But for SDK development i would be tempted.


Looks like the Minilogue xd is the way to go if you are thinking of writing stuff for these machines.

From the Minilogue xd thread.


Has anybody successfully gotten the demos to build? I cloned the sdk from github and initialized the submodules, and I ran logue-sdk/tools/gcc/get_gcc_osx.sh, but when I run make from the waves directory, I get a build error:

> make
Compiling _unit.c
In file included from ../../inc/utils/fixed_math.h:47:0,
                 from ../../inc/osc_api.h:46,
                 from ./inc/userosc.h:47,
                 from ./tpl/_unit.c:42:
../../inc/utils/cortexm4.h:45:31: fatal error: arm_math.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
make: *** [build/obj/_unit.o] Error 1

I would think that when I run the gcc install script it would include this header, but it doesn’t appear on my file system. Any thoughts?


I figured it out. The repositories use submodules in addition to scripts for installing dependencies. You can read this ticket here.


@blackprism sorry, I am late to answer… you can have a look at my upcoming tutorial


Thanks, @gekart! Can’t wait to watch the rest of the tutorial series. There’s a lot of sonic engineering in the SDK that I don’t understand yet and simply isn’t documented. Maybe once I get my head wrapped around the source code a little more I can open a PR against Korg’s repo with some docs.