Korg Prologue 8/16 Voice Analog Poly Synth


Yup, tt’s a neat twist.

However, with all due respect to Kirn, this ain’t the first time Korg has released a board that can run user-created synth stuff - he forgot about the OASYS.


I bet that board contains the full digital section of the prologue.

Even as a separate device, this could work like a sound processor. No MIDI i/o though.

I wonder if a board like that could be haxd into a digital synth / fx with USB MIDI?


Absolutely! Hopefully this is a little more approachable.


This will definitely be mated to a PC or Mac, and it’s not clear yet what sort of control will be possible from the computer half. Not a lot of sense for Midi per se, from the development sense. But then again maybe, you could put little sequencers in the multi-engine. Somebody will do this for sure!


Following for the SDK


Some new crumbs of info on the SDK. I started a thread for this the Korg Prologue SDK Nerd Patrol.



How is the Korg Prologue with the tuning fix just released?

Looks like a nice poly synth for the price. Currently $1,250-$1,500 and it comes with a free Electribe from Korg!

I’ve heard mixed things and listened to plenty of demos, anyone have some further comments on how it sits in a mix?


Korg has done a great job fixing the tuning issues…sounds great to my uneducated ears

This synth is a killer for the price… i got it last month in the sales here and basically got the 16 voice for the price of the 8 voice…I bought it on the back of Korg saying they were going to fix the tuning issues by the end of year and they have came through as promised

wished I knew how to code so I could take advantage of building my own oscillators and FX



Plaits ported to Prologue

It’s free! A little extra plus on the Prologue, And this puts a extra shine on the Minilogue xd, if that turns out as expected.


Was there any resolution to the prologue tuning issue?

Minilogue XD

yes. all sorted now with an update apparently.


Posted recently here:


Thanks dudes im wondering if the update ever came out.


System Updater update released 12-2018.


Looks like it has the tuning fix.


Yeah thanks. I really like the idea of the prologue, I wish they would’ve put out dev boards for people to buy.


I haven’t seen a Korg dev board since the OASYS PCI but ya never know.


They gave some out to people at Superbooth last year, was a single oscillator and fx chip from the prologue, theres an SDK as well. The only other option is to buy a prologue and that’s not really appealing for just messing around.


Sounds like the sort of thing Moog does at MoogFest - special items you can’t order from a store and can only get from a festival.