Korg Monologue


Sounds like this is just what I was hoping it’d be.




nice (if obvious) workaround for latching a note for drones… i’d been using a card to hold keys down (for sustain) until now.


Hadn’t even thought of using it for drones but that’s a good idea, the I bet tempo knob could behave like an LFO rate knob for the drone too…


I set up a simple drone patch that I was going to use for a drone comedy show a few months ago. I f’d up and left the stupid backpack in the house - the one with the Monologue in it!! :sob:

Anyway, there is a menu option to set the tempo slower than the tempo knob will allow (30 bpm). My drone patch has the sequencer set to 15 bpm.

I was going to my MS-20 Mini for the same job, but laziness won the day - the Monologue can easily fit into a backpack - the MS can’t.

Might record a drone duet between the two as time allows.


What is drone comedy show? (Cranks reverb up to 65 percent wet and the audience roars with delightful laughter)


The concept started out as a joke between a comedienne friend and another mutual friend - a standup comedian would perform a set, accompanied by a drone musician. Originally the comedian and the drone-er were supposed to ignore each other.

I played with two comedians. The first turned around a couple of times to react - the 2nd time, he said “Where’s the wolf coming from???”. The 2nd followed the original concept more closely - pretty much ignored me. :wink:


Oh man I thought it might be a typo at first because it’s such a strange and intriguing combo of things… I think this story just made my day :smile:


I’d definitely go watch this.


Good video. These techniques remind me of my old SH-101 but with the added benefit of motion sequencing, etc.


Huh, I wonder if Oscillator Sink (Youtube) is getting any credit for detailing these tricks months ago…


Cool, the Moog Music guy showed us the filter-as-oscillator trick and the “drum machine” trick on the Mother-32, at the Mother 32 workshop in DC last winter.

Fun tricks to try on any analog/VA synth that has a built-in sequencer and some kind of parameter automation (“motion recording” in Korg speak).


In fairness to Oscillator Sink, here’s the first video of his Korg Monologue Tricks series:

He also has a Monologue…Let’s Build series, focused on patch creation.


Thanks for turning me on to Oscillator Sink. I’ll check out his videos.

In fairness to music synthesis techniques that have been well-known for decades on synths like the SH-101, I’m glad the Monologue allows players to continue to utilize them in the analog domain, while turning on a new generation of musicians into driving filters into self-oscillation in order to create a sine wave to make deep, deep bass kicks.


Another good video. So glad I learned about his channel, because all of his videos are lovely. The technique demonstrated here reminds me again of what I’d used to do on the SH-101. What a clever little synth.


Yeah, that’s what I was kind of getting at - these tricks were discovered so long ago that we don’t know who deserves the proper credit. Best we can do is share the info and make music.


Hi! Was pretty set on a bs2 for a cheap bread butter knobby synth, but after reading reading all the thread from the start, i will save some money and looks like i will have a lot more fun with this one!! Next buy, will go well with digitakt and sample of mars drums!!


as a previous BS2 owner, I support this pivot!

BS2 is a great synth, but the sequencer is too basic and without much memory.
Monologue’s seq is something special, even with less steps.


Should be here tomorrow was looking for a second hand one, was one of the cheaper, though the most desirable… silver one as it was 2o cheaper than the other colors, should look really well along the md, which i think more and more i will keep…


I put the Nord Modular(s) in the closet for deep hibernation. Love is real, but it’s the right thing to do for now.

And then, gawdamnit… I just ordered a Monologue, in black.

There goes the neighborhood! :space_invader: