Korg Drumlogue

For me it was the unreadable grid due to lack of contrast between activated and deactivated steps.

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Sounding fantastic. Any official release date yet?

Edit: Thomann says 10-13 weeks. $535 seems reasonable, but I think they’ll need to to come down a bit when competing with Elektron and others that have a much more accessable UI for only a little more $.

After listening to the other demos (and getting through those cringy factory patterns) I think it could be an interesting option as a second drum machine, probably not as your primary beatmaker (much like the ER-1 was in the 90s)… I think it could be a nice compliment to a Syntakt, for instance.

There are a lot of complaints here about menu diving vs amount of knob-per-function controls… but compromises had to be made (unless you wanted it to be twice as large as an OG Drumbrute) and I think their choices were logical. I can imagine it being better laid out for my purposes, but users are each going to have their own preferences and they obviously couldn’t please everyone. And (as Loopop pointed out) one can add their own cc controller to configure however they wanted.

Would I get one? Probably not. I think that if they made all the digital voices each be able to host 3rd party plugins, and had WAY more user sample storage (really, how cheap is memory these days Korg?) then it could have been a home run.


It’s just… alright (to me). Not bad, not great, sounds just… OK? But in a world of relatively inexpensive analog renaissance, amazing software and crazy number of choices overall, just being alright is a really tough sell. I think it’s around $200 too much in a pretty crowded market for what it is, especially when you can get a used Roland TR-8S quite easily for $100 less.

I have to admit I’m pretty spoiled though with the machines I already have and my views probably aren’t their target market. I don’t know that it’ll be a hit, but they’ll probably sell enough of them. I also wouldn’t be surprised if it became a quirky somewhat sought after machine in 10-15 years just because it didn’t sell great and people have rose-colored glasses about it.


Can confirm, having a morning coffee on the can.

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No. After watching all the videos, I’m underwhelmed both sound and features-wise. Too much stiff competition nowadays for me to be impressed. Doesn’t seem to have anything that is a wow factor.

I should note that despite being somewhat underwhelmed, I will almost certainly buy one when they are in stock and available somewhere with a discount code, or used at a good price. I have counted out other gear before that I ended up really liking once I actually used it. Recent examples would be the Polyend Play and the Roland SP-404.

So are the samples actually stereo or did the video I watch say they were stereo when in fact they are mono but with the ability to pan?

Stereo and you can load your own (it shows as USB drive so no librarian software needed!)

Best (most informative) video so far…1 hour long!


Yes, plus individual wave guide settings per channel. And 4 analog voices. That’s definitely bumping up to SynTakt territory. I’ll admit I’m “flipping the table” on it because I just wish it was a more fully featured Volca Drum, oh well.

Instead it’s a Monotribe S logue


Excellent news, thank you! Having to have a prefix before the sample names is a bit weird but I’m down for some prep.

It would be a good timing for Elektron to release the new update for the Syntakt.


Not so sure…there is more to this, some amazing things have been made (even complete drum machines!) with 1 SDK for the prologue. This is from Korgs Blurb…unlike the Syntakt you will have a complete and powerful poly synth… it’s like a syntakt where anyone can add more machines or fx…

Up to 24 custom synthesizer units can be loaded into the Multi-Engine User section. When selected, a custom synthesizer can be played via the Multi-Engine’s dedicated sequencer lane, as well as via MIDI messages. Each synthesizer can expose up to 24 custom parameters accessible via the encoders and OLED display, each of which can also be modulated via the sequencer’s motion feature.

Being complete synthesizer voices, developers have complete freedom to add any type of internal modulation and articulation they feel like. Polyphonic custom synthesizers are also possible (within CPU resource limits), although can only be played with true polyphony via MIDI.

The User Effects also look very interesting, I have downloaded some of the free FX for the little Nutekt synth that has the SDK and they are outstanding…

For each effect type (delay, reverb, master), up to 24 custom effect units can be loaded onto the drumlogue. These custom effects will appear at the end of the effect list of each type. Each custom effect can expose up to 24 custom parameters accessible via the encoders and OLED display, and can be used in the same way as the internal effects without additional restrictions.

Remember, this is 30% cheaper than the Syntakt…I think it has a lot to offer and will in fact be stiff competition…as a Syntakt owner I hope that encourages Elektron to add more machines including a sampler player :slight_smile:


These will sell like hot cakes. It will definitely be a good kick in the butt for Elektron. Maybe they wont loose their focus as a company, because clearly this is a very innovative product!

Yes, if this had come out before the Syntakt I suspect it would have made a dent in sales…

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Yeah stereo, but the max sample storage being so tiny and the playback limited to a pretty short AR envelope means you are basically limited to short one shots.

They stopped releasing machines for the rytm so don‘t bet the syntakt will be full fledged…

Interestingly its cheaper direct from Korg UK that Thomann- £529

Korg Drumlogue | Korg UK

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Thats the beauty of the SDK, 3rd party machines and fx, it has been a massive boost for the prologue etc. There arew a lot of very cool 3rd party developers like sinevibes who will be all over this Sinevibes

Yeah but it just has one slot and the rest of the box is nothing really convincing.

Damn I mean what happend. The Machinedrum hat 16 tracks.

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