Komplete Kontrol (m32) - worth it?


What are people’s thoughts on Komplete Kontrol, specifically the upcoming m32?

I currently have an Arturia Keystep, Komplete, and Logic Pro. I like the Keystep, especially the size, but since I plan to be working more with Logic and Komplete this year, I’m sort of eyeing this new similarly sized keyboard from NI.

My questions are:

• How do people like this line of controllers for integrating with Komplete and the DAW? Is the integration a huge workflow advantage or do you think it won’t bring much over using the Keystep and mouse?
• Is lack of aftertouch a dealbreaker?
• How is Maschine essentials? Too limited or a good addition to Komplete?
• Are there any other compact control surfaces out there that bring knobs and transport controls for Logic and the NI stuff that I could pair with my Keystep, to add the functionality I’m missing and keep the Keystep?

The minimalist in me doesn’t really like owning two keyboards, so I would probably sell the Keystep if I got this. For reference, I’m not really using the Keystep for outboard gear and I don’t use its sequencer (only the arp).


Interested in this too. I already have an Xkey 37 which plays nicely with my OPZ. Wondering if the OPZ could power the M32. If it could then that night sway me as already in the NI camp with a KKmk2. Would make a nice, consistent portable set up.


Definately keep the Keystep. The sum of its features are better than the m32, that only has Midi over USB. But no classic Midi Out, no CV Out and no sequencer or arpeggiator at all.

I was thinking about one as well, but only as a compact vacation setup. It´s no replace for the Keystep at all and very much designed to work with a DAW and Komplete.

Cool stuff you can do with the Keystep:


I do wish the Keystep had knobs and transport controls though. It’s almost worth it for that.


Im interested in it.

2 hopes - it has good integration with Ableton and it fits into my backpack…


Judging by the knobs and buttons it seems they have similar integration as the S49 MK2 I had. It was kinda cool to be able to adjust synth parameters on the keyboard and browse patches, but ultimately I sold the keyboard and kept the software. It’s still faster with a mouse. I also didn’t like the keys much, but I prefer the synth feeling - the DSI Rev2 is perfect for me.

For me the integration with NI plugins wasn’t really a big workflow improvement.


Thanks for that. I was wondering if that might be the case. I really wish that Arturia would put out a Keystep Pro with knobs and transport controls. Conversely, I’m wondering if anything like those little Korg Nano Bluetooth controllers could be used to add knobs and transport controls since the description for the recent update of the Komplete Kontrol software says:

“users of any MIDI controller can now get hands on with their instruments, effects, and samples via a simple, one-time macro mapping that brings full control of everything in the NKS universe to any setup.”

Does anyone have a good suggestion for something to pair with the Keystep that would be a good fit as an alternative to NI’s keyboard?


You can definitely set up your own macros for any plugin with any MIDI keyboard. In Live it’s a click of a button. The main feature of the S49 was the double screen where you could browse presets, setup arps, scales, etc. I found it more or less redundant to try and look at smaller screens instead of looking at a much larger screen… I guess the point is that you can play the NI library of instruments without having to touch the computer at all.

I’m not sure how the M32 compares as it has no screen, but it seems like a decent keyboard. I’m sure you can set up the keystep for transport controls.


Just going down the rabbit hole looking at all of my options. :hole: :rabbit2:

I’m back to thinking the m32 might be a good fit for me.

I like the knobs, scales, transport controls, integration, and size.

I also don’t have Maschine anymore, and the essentials version looks like the full version with fewer sounds (and is upgradable for $99).

The only downside I see is no aftertouch. I’m not sure how much essential that is though. :thinking:

I can keep the Keystep around for DIN midi if needed.


For the price this thing is selling at, it’s really a steal and worthy of consideration. Def geared towards working with a laptop/DAW, so if that’s part of your workflow, the M32 can add value. I’m also considering it for a laptop based setup next to my hardware setup which is controlled by the Keystep and a UC33 (and the Elektron sequencers I own of course :)), but I want to see its footprint in flesh before buying it, so I’ll wait till it is available in a store locally.

Apparently the bundled Maschine software is indeed the full version, just lacking the sound packs. That alone makes this a great deal :slight_smile:


Sounds good!


Yeah, I was thinking that it could be nice for chopping and time stretching samples for use on the DT. I see that OB brings sampling over USB to the DT. It could be nice to prep stuff for DT tracks in Maschine and then sample into the DT over USB for composing.

I’m not even sure if I would need the extra library for Maschine if you can use the Battery drums in Maschine, but then again $99 is not a bad price to upgrade to the full library. I’m glad you can use Keyboards with Maschine now, I don’t really need the pad controller.

Like you said, seems like a bargain.


Why not consider the Novation 49SL MkIII? It has good daw integration, but still is fairly agnostic in terms of midi/cv/daw control. That and a very usable sequencer and arp make it something that should at least be on the list.


I just watched the Loopop video. It looks really nice. I love all the features but unfortunately I need a more compact controller, and I’m pretty tied to the NI ecosystem now.


You’ve got me seriously considering the M32 now. When someone confirms if it works with the OPZ I might make a cheeky purchase. The Xkey is nice but a few extra knobs for and controls wouldn’t go amiss.

When I’m in the mood and have it set up I do really enjoy the KK49 Mk2 so I know I like the software. First world problems here but one of my issues is that the desk in my study/studio means that the KK49 sits a little too high and kind of in the way. The keyboard stand I have doesn’t make a huge difference either. I like the KK software though and the integration it has in Live. Would be cool to rock a Push 2 + M32 set up.


The m32 looks sweet. Digging the 8 endless encoders and little screen displaying basic but useful information.


How much of a dealbreaker is no aftertouch? What are people’s thoughts?


It’s as much of a dealbreaker for me as not having weighted keys or hammer action :smiley:


Wouldn’t be a dealbreaker for me. With the synths/controllers that I’ve owned and had it, I never really used it anyway. Plus, you have to factor in how it weighs up against the pros (portability, hands on control of Kontrol, etc).

The mini keys is more of an issue for me when comparing to my XKey but the added functionality probably wins the day,


I’m basically wondering if I’ll find it sounds less expressive than the Keystep I’m using now. Perhaps I won’t even notice. :thinking: