Komplete 12 - worth it?


Guitar Rig is one of my favourite VSTs. Used it first for guitars but was so impressed with the choice and modularity that I’ve used it on synths and vocals too. I love behind able to load up thousands of pounds worth of pedals and then go nuts with LFOs and sequencers, it’s like a super accessible modular FX unit.

I still really like the Scarbee Rhodes. Haven’t played other Rhodes libraries but I have played the real thing.


Good call on getting the hard drive version. Even with the hard drive version there are a handful of products that have to download for some reason (10.5GB of Session Strings, etc) and that stuff is taking forever! I can’t imagine trying to download everything, that must take days.

I’m a bit of a glutton for punishment, I dug out my old versions of Komplete and I’m going to try to reinstall a few of the older programs, particularly because I saw that the new Battery 4 libaray is a fraction of the size of the Battery 3 library, which looks like it can be converted to Battery 4 if I can manage to install it.


I’m sure the old battery library is a download via Native Access once it’s all installed. Positive I was able to download it seriously separately


There is an interesting article from Urs Heckmann (U-He) who claims that Native Instrument is attacking smaller developers by their policy to sell you EVERYTHING for a small price (and collect money on an annual basis with upgrades). I use a lot of NI stuff but don´t have and don´t want Komplete. I´d rather get the stuff I really want and don´t waste hours on installing and testing stuff that I never wanted in the first place but still got because I bought a huge Komplete suite. But I understand that it is hard to resist when the upgrades for the instruments that you already own cost more than an upgrade to Komplete.


OT but I just got the 9000k for my Console One. I haven’t had a chance to dig in yet but the harmonic distortion sounds like a fun thing to add to the mix.


You have the article link by chance ?


Sorry, it was an off topic conversation in the KVR audio forum, I can´t remember where exactly.


Claims like that aren’t going to do him any favours.
Rather than throw out silly statements like that, that just make you look bitter and jealous, why not just let your products do the talking.
Nothing at all wrong with Native Instruments business model.
Amazing products


U-HE´s products stand for themselves and his post was not bitter or jealous. It was also not an official announcement or sad rant of an old man but just a statement in the context of a discussion with many people about different marketing stratagies. I also believe that NIs policy of saturating the customer with a huge package including more than anyone could ever use in their productions is limiting the user´s demand for other plugins. You can´t compare a small vendor like U-HE with NI, I bet that NI´s social media team is bigger than the whole developer team from U-HE.


Well without being able to read his statement you are talking about, that is what it came across as.
The general rule in business is to never say anything negative about your competitors. It will never end well


Hmmmm. I dug out my old Komplete DVDs, but I guess the installer no longer works on the latest Mac OSX. That’s a bummer, looks like there is no way to install from these anymore and I didn’t see an updated installer on NI’s site.

I did find some disc images for Battery 3. They are massive but I’m downloading now to see if I can install it. That’s the one I’m most interested in anyway, but I was hoping to install Pro-53 as well.


Yup those acoustic sounds from battery 3 are priceless. Keep backing them up each new system you get.


All the legacy battery 3 kits are included and installed with the battery 4 install if I remember correctly


Just curious what you guys think rivals Komplete 12? I have the base version thinking about upgrading to standard.


It appears that they are not and NI has instructions for batch converting the Battery 3 kits to Battery 4 format.


I don’t remember having to convert the battery 3 kits. It was a while ago though


I had zero luck reinstalling battery 3 both from my original DVDs and the installer disc image on NI’s site. I was however able to download the two Battery 3 disc images from NI’s site and these contain about 12GB worth of Battery 3 files, which I’m going to attempt to batch convert to Battery 4 format. I’ll let you know how that goes.

In the meantime, I’ve run into a huge snag. Even though I set my applications folder as the default for my Komplete 12 library it installed everything on my external drive (maybe because I chose the external drive as the installer download location?). Anyway, I didn’t have any luck just moving that stuff to my Native Instruments application folder, so I’m having to delete all of the applications and try again.

Major PITA, hopefully it works. Native Access is downloading all of the applications again, so I won’t know for a while.


Yep big files, but big is good :grinning:


Here’s the instructions by the way if anyone needs to do this to get access to the Battery 3 kits (acoustic stuff, etc):


Phew. Everything is finally installed and working. I even managed to get all of the Battery 3 drums in Battery 4. I can’t believe they did away with so many of the good kits from Battery 3 in Battery 4. I guess maybe it was encroaching on Maschine’s territory? I highly recommend installing those old Battery 3 kits to anyone that hasn’t.

My next mission is getting my Samples From Mars kits installed. I figure I should do all of this prep work now, while I have the momentum.