Koala Sampler App


@paulito thanks a lot for the mockup! Good way to hide it from sight when not in use! I’ll add to list. What do I owe ya?

I just posted a couple of tutorial videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2iBbHYRoAAXIMN28kc3PcZeaKQ7DNla6 along with Omar’s great tips and tricks video. More to come soon, so feel free to subscribe (and like) for more updates!!


you’re too kind, glad you like it! thanks a lot for creating this app and for listening to suggestions :slight_smile:


Just got to mention that I had no idea that the same dev is responsible for ‘sampletoy’ iOS which was one of my favourite samplers from years back.
It’s recently been updated so works again!
Check it out people, you can record it’s output into AudioShare and drop it into Koala from there, great way to expand sound design potential :+1:t3:

Thanks @elf_audio


Does anyone know if Koala responds to external velocity?


External via MIDI? Or external via hitting the screen harder?


You joker!
External midi


Only half joking! Some iOS music apps can fake velocity using the accelerometer. GarageBand does this, for instance.


Sounds dodgy at best. Think I may just buy Koala anyway, looks like a mish-mash of SPx0x and TEPO K.O.