Know of iPad apps with these features?

One I’m looking for is a piano roll style sequencer that can truly be ‘drawn’ on. I remember old versions of Cubase where you could drag the mouse across the piano roll and it would be like drawing in a very pixelated paint app! A diagonal would be a load of ascending or descending notes of fixed length.

Have tried in cubasis and Auria but if you move across rows it starts a selection (Auria) or just lengthens the note on the row you started with. Unless theres a setting I’m missing…

The other thing I’m hunting for is an app that will real time tranfotm incoming guitar tone to an attempt at another instrument. Like the electro harmonix pedals Key-9 etc.


I’m pretty sure Modstep has the ability to draw notes on the piano roll screen. Also, StepPolyArp works for this but it is limited to two bar loop patterns.

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I can confirm that Modstep has a drawing mode. Or you could try Xynthesizr.

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I always recommend gadget

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I have it but it doesn’t have these features unless I’m missing something

Jam origin app converts guitar or audio to polyphonic midi

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You are right. I misunderstood. Gadget’s piano roll is great but you have to tap, not paint. Don’t know about an app
That does the other.

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Thanks! I was hoping for something that did actual signal processing like the electroharmonix pedals because I figured i’d get better expression & weirder results, but the Jam Origin Midi Guitar 2 has been great in a different way

really good having the tweak able velocity response - so many synth presets have nice velocity response stuff built in, but I usually miss it when thumping a keyboard

I see I see. Yeah I’m not to familiar with these pedals and a lot of hardware stuff really.

I can confirm that modstep’s sequencer you can paint like you asked though… Rumours of version 4 coming soon so hold off for a sale.

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You can midi draw in koushion. It’s almost like having a tenori-on on the iPad.


Thanks for recommendations of sequencers you can draw on. Problem is they’re all limited in steps - I need potentially infinite piano roll timeline. That is - like Auria or Cubase but with the drawing ability (& minus all the other features if needs be - I don’t need audio etc. just midi sequencing)

So if there are any further suggestions? - much appreciated!

Hi, a bit late but I just bought the Midi Guitar 2 software from Jam Origin and it’s amazing. I had a GR33 years ago but this software plays in a much higher league, and you don’t need a special pickup, which is brilliant of course. A truckload of features including a custom midi processor scripting engine!
It comes with a bunch of plugins to play with (it’s also a VST host) but I use it with my hardware synth and it performs brilliantly. I have a very low action on my guitars with 09’s on the Strats and 10’s on the Gibsons and the software doesn’t complain a bit about the occasional fretbuzz (still need to play decently clean, of course).
Moreover, it’s very CPU friendly, it runs on my 10+ year old i5 Lenovo laptop like a charm.
They have a version for bass too, and it’s fantastic, given the difficulty to do audio-to-midi conversion for such low frequencies. (That one is monophonic, though). There’s currently a deal on the bundle, the 2 for the price of 1. (around 100€, well worth the price). Yet another Scandinavian goodie!

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Roxsyn is the first iPad app I’ve seen that tries to be more like a Meris Enzo, EHX Synth9, or Boss SY-1 pedal. What all these pedals have in common is they transform incoming guitar signal into a synth-like sound without any attempt to extract MIDI note number and velocity information.

Good fun, and reasonable tracking, though I’m sure I can improve the tracking some more by tweaking the Dynamics section knobs.

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I don’t actually care to use guitar synths (hardware or app) as if they were just another fuzz pedal. I have two fuzz pedals and they are good fun, btw.

There’s several demos of Roxsyn treating it just like a fuzz pedal so I’ll spare you those.

At least this one shows chords

this one is cool too