Kick design


Hello guys

would like some advice on how to achieve this kind of kick on the AR mkII

using the synth engine, not samples of course

thanks in advance


Sounds to me like a lot of layering and eq-ing went into this. It also sounds like there’s some heavily filtered reverb on the sub part.

Might be hard to do this on the AR with a single synth voice without any samples. I’d start with the BT for the sub and the experiment with the various BD machines on top for the click. Be aware of phasing issues.


Just sounds like a basic AR classic kick machine with Delay effect set to layer a tad later than the beat with enough feedback to layer just right.




Well i think the kick itself should be easy to achieve with the AR however it would sound quite boring in comparison to the track you posted!
There is a lot going on in the bass / sub bass area which adds alot to the overall feeling of the track (texture, rythm and groove). This part will be much harder to build on the AR in my opinion