Keybed similar to digitakt switches?

So does anyone know of a keyboard switch style midi keyboard laid out like a western musical keybed just with computer keys and midi out? I’ve been thinking of making one but if it already exists… something about playing on switches is fun to me and I find stuff like chromatic on the digitakt super fun, also the op1 keybed, but the the keyrange on them is a bit lacking, I feel like a 3 octave square switches digitakt style keybed would be so awesome. I have found if you hold switches on the digitakt in midi mode you can then switch octaves to get some multi octave pads going on. Hmm does this type of thing interest anyone else? :sketchy: maybe it’s foolish to want such a low tech unexpressive midi controller.


Waiting with bated breathe for an answer to this. What’s you end up figuring out? Right now I’m in the market for a mec keyboard with the same switches as digi

I love playing in melodies on the Digitakt chromatic mode, it’s so much fun to add notes with each pass on live recording. I have a Ducky One2 mechanical keyboard with a similar keyfeel to the Digitakt. It’s backlit as well so they look quite similar. Clack clack clack!

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@Beamray @Claid I just finished building the OMX-27 DIY controller and its not quite as clacky but IMO it feels better which is awesome (you could always stray from the full kit and get clackier switches I assume)… you can actually do organ style slides up and down on it which sort of surprised me. looking forwards to how the firmware evolves on it also. It is quite early on in development still.

I am no soldering expert and I managed to finish it in about 5 hours… it might be a step above beginner for a DIY but it is definitely doable.

first little test with it.


Korg Nanokey comes to my mind

The Nanokey is a similar kind of thing. I don’t find the feel as nice/enjoyable as the Digitakt switches though.