Keith McMillen 12 step to control OCTATRACK


Greetings. I’ve recently purchased an octatrack and dusted off my 12 step to try to program it to control the octatrack.
My goal is to be able to start a sequence and turn on and off each track individually (IE: hit start with no tacks playing. Toggle on/off at minimum four of the tracks, and then be able to stop the entire sequence.)
I’ve downloaded the 12 step editor and started a custom patch based on the midi note and CC numbers in the midi chart of the manual.
So far nothing the 12 step is doing is having any effect on the octatrack so I may not have the midi in the octatrack set correctly? I’m still confused as to what I’m required to do.
I think I need to start from scratch. Can anyone please walk me through how they set up their 12 step with an octatrack as if I’m a total midi noob (because I am :rofl:)


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