Keep getting shocked,


Hey I keep getting shocked by my razer blade stealth and usually the shock coincides with digitakt getting disconnected as the interface. I’m cool with the shocks but today it happened while recording any solutions? not relly sure if its the computer or digitakt but my computer never shocks me unless the digitakt is plugged in.


Electric shocks?

Mate I wouldn’t be turning it on and would be getting it looked at ASAP.


Sounds like the laptop is the problem. Get in touch with them about it.


I wouldn’t be so convinced it was the laptop myself. Number of minor shocks I get in my studio went from “none” to “quite a lot” when I got my Octatrack mk2. Can’t substantiate it, but my guess is they are prone to grounding issues.



You need to follow that link quite a bit to get to an extensive explanation here (for the impatient reader):

But thanks. The link and its follow up link spared me quite some time writing about it by myself.


A simple solution would be to use an anti static mat which can be connected to the ground by a plug (underneath the laptop or an other device which shocks you). You can buy one or build it by your own. There are some DIY videos on youtube.


Someone said on another forum the chip for the Digitakt and Digitone was originally manufactured(I think) for a defibrillator. Maybe it’s just trying to restart your heart. :joy:

Edit - I should say targeted for defibs.


You have a grounding issue somewhere in your power delivery. Are you using a power conditioner? If not, did you buy your surge protectors from the dollar store? If not, have you tested the Earth in your home?

Does this also occur when not at home?


Maybe this is related, but I found that when I would brush the power button (to move the Digitakt, not to turn the power off) it would suddenly power down. I started using a power strip with surge protection and it has never happened since. While it’s more stuff to move around, the Digitakt is my baby and it deserves the best power it can get :smile:

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Dodgy DT PSU? Mine was. I had problems with the DT switching off/on by itself. If I tapped the PSU or gave it a little shake it would cut power to the DT.
When I got a replacement PSU the DT stayed on, but it was cactus. Probably from all that glitching off and on.


Well, today I got shocks that made the Octatrack hang / need power cycling! Not ideal. Happened twice to that extent, along with several more static-y tingles.


Keeping the OT connected to a computer via USB can make it hang. (Even if the disk isn’t mounted.) At least, I’ve experienced that. I believe it’s a bug.

My MBP gives me mild tingling sometimes, but when I’m at my audio workstation it doesn’t. I guess I’m nice and isolated here somehow.

That is to say: it might be a coincidence, and not related to the zaps :slight_smile:


No usb connection, just midi I/O


Sweet I appreciate all the info guys. gonna try a new PSU & static mat


A static matt is like putting a band aid on a tumor…electricity will find a way to ground if there is floating earth. And standing on a matt shouldn’t be a “fix”

Its not a solution. Its masking a bigger problem.

My first DT was replaced by the good people at Elektron, due to grounding issues. I never noticed until i plugged other devices into the DT and a USB cable. The only indicator i had, in hindsight, that it had a problem when it was standalone, was when i touched the metal top plate of the DT with my bear wrist when programing, i could feel electrical current that hurt a bit. But i couldn’t feel it with my palms or fingertips… it was subtle, but enough that when i plugged in other gear into the audio in of the DT my pc would hang…!

It may not be the problem at all, but im suggesting that if you mask the symptoms by standing on a rubber antistatic matt you wont get to the bottom of the actual problem.


Yup. I get a tiny shocks near the corner of the case by the power switch on my OT2. No doubt about it.

On my AR2 I get the false jumpy pad triggers as well as power issues. Then my digitone gets the DSP Boot Fail. Man, I love elektron but I hate having to deal with these dumb issues!