Karplus strong patch?


has anyone been able to make a karplus strong sounding patch? or maybe there’s a soundpack that has one?

edit: another q, are there instructions for creating a soundpack? looks like they are sysex files


Although the DN has the elements to make a KS algorithm (wideband signal, filter, delay), I’m pretty sure you can’t arrange these elements in such a way to make a KS patch.

Which is not to say you can’t make plucked string kind of sounds on the DN. Check out patch samples A198, A245, and B008.

Don’t know about the soundpacks.


you cant modulate or plock the delay time so no way of changing pitch.


I really love the sound of cheesy karplus strong “guitars”, so I tried to emulate that particular vibe with this patch

It can sound like this

This type of really cheesy acoustic emulation sounds has been quite popular recently. Perhaps a bit odd that, but I find it very charming with these half-assed modelling sounds.