Just got my Elektron model:samples UP AND RUNNIN


strong textIf u got ur model: samples upp and runnin like me​:t_rex::space_invader:. I manage to get my hands on the very first batch. 1 out of 10 first units. Please leave a comment of ur first impression of the model samples, or bugs etc. so far I am impressed. More too come…:+1:t4::purple_heart:


And from where do you hail kind sir?




Comming soon.

And Tips and tricks​:thinking::shushing_face:


Please don’t drop threads in the News category - that’s strictly reserved for Elektron :thup:

The Elektron Gear category is better for now (fixed) and we’ll move this post when an Admin creates a new SubForum for M:S


That box art is hot


Excellent idea, please do create a dedicated category for M/S.

What it do nephew. :wink:




yeah… until the new forum section is up post it in fake news



Is this guy from Elektron? Please bring back Cenk! Most boring Elektron demo ever!


Buttons and knobs seems much darker than units from namm.


For the first time on an Elektron machine M:S provides system settings to control the brightness of the LCD and the LEDs (LOW,MID,MAX).