Just finished my portable studio case

Thanks for the detailed insight. Really loving this case. I will be looking into these solutions for sure.

Epic… I second that idea on maybe speakers in the lid… this inspired me to make something… needed a winter project…

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Looks amazing!

I’m currently trying to fit a similar bunch of synths (dt, dn, typhon, bluebox, ju-06) into a magma road case, with great difficulty.

Got some great ideas from this so thanks!

Nice! It’s like a modular synth only a 1/3 of the price.

Can you say more about using a Pi as a MIDI hub?

I have fairly deep Linux experience, but am having trouble finding a good footing in Linux audio & MIDI.

Looks awesome! I love the idea of a compact yet powerful portable hardware studio. Would be excellent to transition from writing at home to playing live too. Excellent idea and great execution

I just finished something similar but ditched the foam (frustrating to cut…) and went with an aluminium profile instead. Not sure about the total weight, but will use a trolly for it. Really pleased with it so far :sunglasses:


You’ll find an automated script to replicate my pi setup here: https://github.com/sinedied/pi-midi-host

In the readme there’s link to all references I used. What the pi does currently is connecting all midi input to all outputs, so basically connecting everything together.

I’m currently working on a more compact version using a pi zero 2, and plan to create a custom hat to add real midi IO (in addition to USB) with 3.5mm jacks using GPIOs. I also have on my to-do to create a web interface to configure the connection matrix for more flexibility.

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That is an impressively compact project.

Did you go with Ruby over Python because you prefer the language or the MIDI libraries?

I went with Ruby because someone already wrote most of the code for it :grin:
I’ll probably rewrite it in Node.js when I’ll implement the web UI for more convenience.

Here’s a WIP of the Pi Zero 2 version, which still retain the same capabilities in a much more compact footprint. I simply added a hat with 4 USB ports, still need to figure out how and where to add the 3.5mm midi board and design a 3D printed enclosure for it.

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This is amazing! Really inspiring build:)

I was wondering what cables you are using? I have some plans for a similar project, but finding angled cables that will fit in the Bluebox is a challenge.

That’s really cool. I take it the speaker is just basically a portable monitor?

I bought most of my audio cables and connectors on AliExpress, and soldered a few ones.
Here’s what I used with the blue box:

The most tricky cables to find were the angled midi ones, I used EBS ones: EBS CÂBLE MIDI PLAT À TÊTE FLEXIBLE 58 CM - Woodbrass.com

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Yes, I use it for quick bedroom jams, works well enough :slightly_smiling_face:

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