Just bought an octatrack. So yeah


I recently purchased one as well mkii, love at first sight for me. Started with Merlin’s guide, and watched all of Cuckoo; Kenny Zhao has some awesome work flow tutorials/setups that are only now starting to sink in for me.

I always start by saying, “today I’m going to learn ABC” and I have always ended in another land far away from my intended course! :slight_smile: love it! Enjoy!


Best birthday present ever. Congrats!

I bought one a few weeks ago after buying a DN a few weeks before and really enjoying the workflow and features. I was initially put off by the limitations of the sequencer, but now I actually find the ‘limitations’ a plus, as they push me to be creative. Plocks/Sound locks, trigless trigs and the scenes/crossfader the OT are a ton of fun.

I found the workflow and capabilities on both the DN and the OT really intuitive and refreshing, which pulled me out of a very long dry, uncreative spell, much like going from Cubase to Live 8 did several years ago. The fresh workflows and ways of working helped inspire me and kill lazy habits. I’m now spending at least 3 hours a night on music again, and cursing the clock when I have to go to bed…

I’ve only scratched the surface of the OT over the last few weeks, but the number of happy accidents, and rabbit hole time tunnels I’ve fallen into have me enjoying it immensely.



Welcome to the pack … :wink:

Don’t listen to those, who are complaining about using the OT is too complicated and overwhelming. Yes, this machine is complex, but built of single machines, which are easy to understand. The complexitiy begins, if we combine all those functions and use all of their versatility at once.

I can only stress to take it step by step, machine by machine, use case by use case, and have the manual somewhere near to you. Then learning and working the OT will be almost only fun :smiley: … okay … and sometimes head scratching :thinking: … but for this you have this forum and … the … f … manual :wink:


Day 2 Update: Holy hell this thing is bananas! I realize that after a few days I am barely scratching the surface but in summary everything you guys said is correct. After owning the DT the workflow is not too difficult to understand. There are a few extra menus but the sequencer is essentially the same with more options. I am looking forward to using the OT for many years.
Now I find myself asking “what gear can I now get rid of?“ and “how can this machine be almost 10 years old and still be so relevant?” and “why don’t I own every elektron device ever made?” and “can you really afford to not own an OT?”


Totally get the ‘I need to get rid of some things now’ thought process.
I’m thinking of getting rid of the Rytm, keeping the OT and a4, and replacing with some things that the OT can control.
I just don’t know what they would be!


It’s that kind of talk that makes me think about saving a little extra for one of these. I currently have no drum/sampling hardware and was thinking about the digitakt, but now thinking a 2nd hand Octa mk1 is about the same price… although I do love the look of the mk2.

But yeah, my whole workflow philosophy is to keep it minimal, but not too minimal. In the DAW world I was a 9-minute track with 150 audio tracks and 3 months lead time, but ultimately I’m thinking 1 octa, one analog mono and 1 digital poly (love ma DN!). Though I only bought the DN 2 months back and I like to learn something for at least 6 months before picking up something else.


The OT will definitely help with that. Loading up sa oles, creating some sequences and some scenes, then performing this whilst recording to the daw definitely helps with tracks being shorted and more to the point.


I don’t get the “still relevant after 10 years” idea that often pops up.
It’s an instrument, right? Supposed to stimulate and inspire to make sounds and patterns.
A well designed instrument doesn’t go out of style so quickly, because its legacy is just as much about the performer’s ideas than the features within it.


Heh… I’m thinking about selling my MDuw :confused:


Do not forget you have parameters slides on the ot sample tracks :slight_smile:


not sure what parameter slide is? Sounds cool though


they’re great. lets say you have a bunch of parameters p-locked on trig one, and then another load on trig 3. If you place a slide trig on step one, the audio will morph from trig one to trig 3, instead of hard jumping.


“Holy Morpho Batman!” Sounds neat yeah!


Definitely feels like a complete instrument. I started learning guitar at 14 and I’ve yet to master it. I guess what’s surprising is that Elektron had such vision as to make an instrument that contained so many novel concepts and applications that are still unique among hardware samplers/sequencers. It’s like they thought of all the best possible means of electronic music production and then created a machine with the ability to apply real-time performance techniques. And dsp was finally fast enough to keep up. It’s kinda crazy how it all came together. Definitely an instant classic with a hint of divine inspiration?


Na, - Aliens Involvement :wink:




I (loosely) plan on getting an OT when I have a larger body of work completed, so I can load it all up and mangle / DJ with it.

Until then I have enough on my plate!


Me too. Also have a DT, looking to step up. Think I’ll use them together. Had the OT for a few days.
So far there are some things that are great - yes I can do that, woohoo! and also moments where I feel like I’m arguing with a Soviet bureaucrat. So you won’t let me change the parameters now. Why not?
But so far, absolutely on honeymoon mode.


Gotta say DT and OT are a formidable match. So many options. Definitely feeling overwhelmed by the possibilities. It’s like the journey of a thousand miles. I feel kinda bad for my other gear though. They’re like “I thought we were cool? How you gonna dis me like that?” My laptop is now just a means of loading samples. It’s a POS anyway. I mean “Just kidding. I still need you baby. Don’t leave!”


This thread makes me want to get an OT and figure out a new way to perform. Getting kinda bored with live pedal-based guitar looping + an MPC. Thinking an OT + my guitar + DT might be a nice alternative with a bunch of new possibilities…