JP-08 Sequenced from DT or DN or OT?

N00B waring! this might be fairly obvious to a lot of you, but I cant seem to get it to work. Also I searched and did not find the question in the archive.

I would like to sequence my JP-08 (Roland) from my DT or OT. I connected via midi to my Digitakt, and set the DT to the preset midi channel (ch1) on the JP-08. I selected the usual clock and CH send (turned receive off). Kept out ports to midi.

I got connection/sound and could play the JP-08 with the DT keys. I could also start and stor the sequence. But this made the JP-08 sequencer start as well. I blanket out the steps of the JP-08, but event when I just played the steps I put in the DT, the playback was all wonky. Long notes, sound when there was no trigs, the tempo did not seem to gange etc etc.

I´m guessing there is something with the CC selection and/or VAL selection I should do, but I´m just not tech savy enough I think.

Any and all tips are much appreciated !

Can you be more specific about what you actually want to do and what problems you are encountering?

Probably not. I suggest that you deactivate these until you can get your problems resolved.

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You can either make the first sequence blank so it runs silent or set your boutique clock to INTERNAL.


Yes indeed, it sounds like you forgot to set the JP-08 to receive MIDI from DT. What happens if you de-activate Roland’s sequencer?

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First of, thanks for the quick reply´s!
Never ceases to amaze me how good this page is for asking advice.

Also, it worked out!
I changed the midi chanel to 5 (on both) , just to check it this helped.
I also changed the cord to C5 (this was set to something else for some reason) and I tested different note lengths. And lo and behold: everything works!
I think I was wrong about the jp-08´s sequencer being the problem.
Or at least it does not start when I press play on the DT now.

I think it might have just been that the note and lengt on the DT was off, and therefore did not correspond with the Jp´s sound.

Anyway now I´m diving into mapping the MIDI implementation chart and actually getting it to work! Watch out Legowelt and Richard D. James!