Joystick for Ctrl-Al

Hi guys,

Sorry if this is a stupid question and there is an answer hidden somewhere in the depths of this forum (or the old one).

I’m speculating joystick assignments could be used, sort of, as a Ctrl-Al or macro feature: by controlling all the channels (Omni) with an external controller (ModStep on iPad in my case, but it could also be hardware), disabling the auto-channel feature on the MnM (so that all the channels are controlled at the same time), and defining the desired parameter destinations in the Assign page of the MnM for all 6 tracks (e.g. same filter settings), would it be possible to obtain anything somewhat similar to Crtl-Al on these parameters? PB + CC 1&2 could be used to control these parameters for all tracks AND is would make it possible to record ‘joystick’ movements in ModStep.

Has anyone tried that and wouldn’t mind sharing his/her experience?

Many thanks in advance!

over a DAW, for example Ableton Live, it is possible.

Thx for your reply!
I’m exclusively DAW-less, though :frowning:
I haven’t really tried yet, but theoretically this should be possible once the MIDI channels are set correctly, shouldn’t it?
I’ll post on this thread when I get the chance to try

So I tried and it works :slight_smile: : once set up with the right CC’s you can use the X/Y control pad of ModStep as a joystick to control one or all the tracks of the MnM.

You need to create a control template in ModStep (as described in the documentation of ModStep) including the PitchBend and CC 1 (Aft) & 2 (Breath), and configure those as per the X/Y pad of the MIDI channel used to control the MnM.

On the MnM, configure the same joystick settings on all 6 tracks (which is made easier using the copy-paste feature)

If you prefer you can use different settings for each track’s joystick - I personally find it easier to control the same parameters (eg. filter base and/or width, EQ settings, amp decay, whatever) on all the tracks to achieve a Crtl-Al behavior and know what I’m controlling exactly.

If you want to use the joystick to control one track only, you can set the MIDI channel in ModStep to the Auto-Channel number.

If you prefer to control all the tracks (which is my case), set the ModStep MIDI control channel to the Multi-trig Channel of the MnM.

(You can find these MIDI channel numbers somewhere in the Global menu. Not sure where at the moment because I’m not in front of my MnM)


So far I just briefly tried using my finger on the X/Y pad to control the 4 directions at the same time. Maybe it’s easier to draw the actual CC envelopes in the envelope section of each CC.

If you have a hardware MIDI controller with a X/Y pad that enables you to assign the CC’s you chose to the X and Y axes, I guess you can use it as a joystick too :slight_smile: