Jonwayne's use of the Octatrack; any similar vid's with explanation?

Why would it be an underusage tho? I mean I know the MPC can do it as well for 500 bucks but the fact that you could just make techno house and everything else just as easily is pretty appealing. Also the elektron sequencer of course! My very first piece of gear was a DT and I wouldn’t want to learn something else per se, Ableton and elektron are extensive enough.
Tracks sound cool man very rappable!

I only say it’s overkill from my experience, and this was before the most recent update so YMMV. I make two/four bar loops, which is pretty much how all classic hip-hop is structured. I was making one beat per project and not fully utilizing Patterns or Parts. Never used arranger or pickup machines (what are those?). I used a Thru machine for my DT, neighbor tracks for effects, flex tracks for slicing samples, master track on track 8, crossfader and scenes for Low Pass Filter…so maybe I was using it extensively but it feels simple to me? idk since everyone says it’s hard to use. I don’t use LFO’s, I’m not into synthesis, or creating ambient music and drones (PLEASE DON’T FLAME ME ON THIS FORUM LOL). I think that type of music cool and all, but I’m a hip-hop head down to my DNA…just how I was raised. You can make these type of beats on OT, DT, SP404, Ableton, SP1200, MPC, etc. It’s all about finding the dopest samples and flipping it.

NO OT HATE AT ALL. I think it’s lovely and the crossfader is smooth as butter. You can make Hip-Hop with anything.