Jonwayne's use of the Octatrack; any similar vid's with explanation?

Hi Guys;

I stumbled upon this vid:
Jonwayne's Unreleased Instagram Beats - YouTube.

I don’t own an Octatrack (yet, eventually you get one i read elsewhere) and I’m blown away by this. It’s basically being used as an MPC with more Performance options it seems.

Are there any similar artists that use their OT like a Beat making unit?


Well, this video doesn’t show much details about what he is really doing so its hard (for you) to judge what the OT is really capable of.

If you haven’t seen the thread yet, just check this one for all kinds of videos (much more in-depth):

To even compare it with a MPC doesn’t do justice to both type of machines. It’s like comparing apples and oranges …


Not dissing Jonwayne (love the Guy, love his beats and rhymes…) but that’s a pretty basic use of OT: slicing samples, pitching them, sequencing the slices… Nothing too OT-crazy!

But yeah, you can use it for hiphop beatmaking on steroids, it’s really good at it.

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didnt mean to compare the two i was just baffled with the beats he made, very much like the MPC is being used a lot. I haven’t seen many vids like these and its damn cool!

Of course:


no need to apologize at all
your comparison was on point!

i haven’t seen anything like this either…

it’s cool that he’s not concerned with making something which pushes OT to the limit, just cared about the result

easily one of the best beatmaking sessions i’ve heard on the device

would’ve sold me if i didn’t already have one (and would’ve saved me buying an mpc live if i’d seen this first)

right?! I enjoy sampling. I try it all the time via ableton; slicing towards my midi keyboard but it rarely sounds organic.
The OT just has so many features to mangle but also to creatively use the samples. I do it on my digitakt; which is a bit limiting unless i use 2+ tracks but its so much fun.
Might ditch a synth for an OT.

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yo dm me so we can chat

curious what synths you got but don’t wanna derail convo here

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And also; just an OT and a Synth would seem like you instantly make a 1 timbre synth multi timbred so to speak.
I got a DT DN and XD now and due to my routing its a bit of a rewire to sample the XD; but that’s still heaps of fun

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yo, I make sample based hip-hop and made a few tracks with OT. It can absolutely be used to make beats MPC style, but as someone already said, I feel like this basic usage of OT may not justify it’s price. It’s an AMAZING piece of equipment and I enjoy it, but is definitely overkill if you simply want to make loops. Let me know if you need any help.


Sounds dope i Will check the others out later!

Any cheap alternatives for time stretching or is Ableton the way to go?

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i especially like the first two beats
thanks for sharing

btw how much are mpc’s where ya’ll live? i thought mpc and octa cost the same most places

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I prefer Ableton tbh, and not just for the time-stretching. I love the OT, but have since put it aside for a hybrid DT/Ableton setup. I use the DT as a soundcard, record vinyl samples to an audio track, make my drums directly on DT and put them on a track in Ableton via Overbridge, then control the vinyl chops from DT midi track 9 via chromatic mode. It’s the fastest, easiest setup I’ve ever used and I’m churning out beats daily in no time. Are you looking to only sample?

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Thanks! glad you enjoyed them

OT is ~$1400, while MPC Live is ~$1200 (prices for brand new). If we’re going based on feature set, I’d much prefer the OT over MPC. Probability alone keeps two bar loops fresh, if you’re making hip-hop. I also have NO desire to use a touchscreen, but that’s just me.


Yeah I’ve used the DT like this as well. Works great with soft synths as well and occasionally I slice and transfer and then play around on the dt

I’ve made some dope beats on DT alone, but resampling my drums onto one track and leaving only seven pads for chops isn’t enough for me. Chopping on eight tracks and then resampling onto one reminds me too much of the SP404 workflow, which I found to be way too tedious and time-consuming for what I like to do. I wish I could use all 16 trigs for chops on the DT by itself, but alas, I’ve settled on having 13 trigs using chromatic mode on a midi track in Ableton as the best compromise.


Its beating a dead horse to say it but yes the :elot: is far more potent than the MPC for many styles not just Hip Hop…

But having scored a MPC live on the cheap lately, I feel like OT will do its job quietly or loudly while the MPC handles most slicing and what it does best.

Mm yeah a simple MPC would be dope but Id rather just get a machine MK3 in that case

Thanks for posting that. I had no idea he used Elektron gear.

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