JoMoX Alpha Base Analog Drum Synthesizer


It’s odd. I have such mixed emotions about this one. I like the analog envelopes and filters for the samples, and I like that there is a basic FM synth. But it has a very clean sound to me that would have really benefited from overdrive in the signal path. It would have been nice to be able to use the FM synth routed through an analog filter. The M-brane seems like it’s capable of some neat analog percussion, but it doesn’t seem like it can do a nice snappy/punchy snare.

Also, I’m not sure how I feel about that Jomox kick. After some critical listening with headphones, I found the kicks are just not really to my liking. They sound bouncy like a bouncy ball, and the pitch modulations are just not my cup of tea. I’m not hearing any of the dense type of kicks I like; everything has some sort of strange/goofy pitch thing going on. I’m guessing I’d be able to make kicks more to my liking if I had it in my hands. I suppose I should be glad the GAS wore off for me considering how pricey this one is.


yea i gots no gas for it either, even if it was €800 I still wouldn’t be running to get it. ima gon count myself lucky too :slight_smile:


^ Thanks for letting us know :+1:


any time :paw_prints:


In case folk hadn’t caught these …


Polyphonic FM and mayyybeee polyphonic samples!

This gets more and more interesting.


Pretty Crazy for a DM I think… kind of a new standard as anyone planning a new high end box will have no choice but to go all in. No missing bits out.


I cancelled my DT and Modor mini preorders. I’m about to preorder one of these.


Hodor…can’t wait for your review. Those Sp1200 pads on it are nice too


Nice pick up. Didn’t see that until you mentioned it.

2 sample based instruments with external sampling input and pure digital playback. SAMPLING!!
1 FM synth with 4 operators and max. 6 voices for percussive sounds. WOW!

Now will jomox screw up the os again? Will it be hard to use? I hope that the os is solid and easy going.


Potentially polly FM too!! Tho That really would be bonus icing on the cake.


Just placed my preorder. I will report back with thoughts/demos once I get my hands on this beast.


Where did you pre-order?


Detroit Modular


It’s funny; this crappy demo is what helped me make my decision. Of course, they totally didn’t intend for the sound to be all distorted, but hearing how the Jomox sounds a bit grunged up made it way more appealing to me.


Even when comparing it to the newer elektrons, there’s something about it that keeps me always going back to it. It’s a forever keeper. It is a very robust and dynamic machine, you will always be surprised with what you can create with it. Just because it’s digital do not think you can’t get some very deep basses and kicks out of it. Yes, it’s missing the advanced features of the analog brothers but there’s just something about always going back to it and learning something new on it that none of the other elektrons can come close to. The MnM fits this as well. That machine has its flavor of sonic abilities and is nothing like the A4, however, pairing the MD with the A4 is a great match as well. I made the mistake of letting my MnM go but I’ll never let the md out of my grasps. I do love drum machines, and on the analog spectrum, the AR may be great to pair up with the mnm and the. I digress though, I’ve recently turned into an Elektron junkie. If you ever get bored with what you have get your hands on the AH and run anything through that beast, including the jomox alpha. Everything just keeps getting better and the advancements may keep coming but I think you will be very glad with the purchase of the md. If not, pack it back in the box and wait a little while before going back to it. It’s easier in ways than the newer boxes but deeper in some ways as well. You will get to experience the legendary cntr-all that the DT will have.


Well said, and I agree with you, MD is deffo a keeper! Was thinking of a MnM, perhaps down the line. AH is on the list, but have a few other things lined up first + i’ve run out of space, so need a bigger desk/room before I buy anything else!


I could see an old BOSS BX-series mixer being a perfect companion here as it distorts the drums in a really lovely way when pushed.


Yes, he is… he loves what he does and is somehow a “onemanshow”… met him on a musikmesse years ago… friends also just go to the berlin office to add a new chip in a old xbase… seems he loves all his babies and did it… extracosts were nearly nothing for the work… cool guy :-))


That RYTM MKII had me weak at the knees, but I’m gunna stick to my guns, and not change course with my Alpha Base preorder. The FM synth on it seems quite interesting.