JoMoX Alpha Base Analog Drum Synthesizer


A sample going through the VCF using high value resonance adjusting the low pass… and modulating the VCA release time…


Would love to hear some of the FM sounds…


I actually kinda like it. There most certainly is a track in there.


:+1::joy: then I will see if I can put something together in the context of a more interesting structure


Hot damn, I’m definitely liking what I’m hearing. I feel like that track is only a small tapas taste of what this thing is capable of.


This video is posted on the Jomox site right now.


Oh man, those filters sound so freaking good. I’ve been waiting over 6 months for mine lol.


Next Gear on my List :wink:

AR Mk2 + JoMoX Alpha Base (No more needs in the Drum Machine territory)


I’m pairing mine with an Acidlab Drumatix so I can get those tasty 606/808 sounds in the mix with that Alpha Base Nu-School 909 sound.


Damn i love Acidlab too :stuck_out_tongue: why you remembering me … :confused:


There’s so many good ones. I’m loving the 12-bit samples and kick of my Tanzmaus too. Analog drum machines are so fun.


i had the Tanzbar but Damn i didn’t like to program it (too small, too tiny)
:confused: (i sold it also the master knob was very noisy but not the good way)


I’ve had the Tanzbar before; I like the Tanzmaus a lot more I think.


It’s absolutely fine. The current firmware I’m using is 1.05 which is the latest.
If you leave the USB and Midi ports connected, you occasionally get a random message on start up but it doesn’t mean or do anything. As soon as you click on any button it goes away. Removing the USB port connection and keeping the Midi connected (to a dedicated Midi port of my Cirklon) eliminates this occasional phenomenon.

I have yet to experience any ‘glitch out’ or ‘freeze’ that required me to switch the machine on/off. I have also yet to encounter any buggy screen that has forced me to stop working on whatever I am doing. It is certainly a marked improvement on the 999 which was famous for buggy screen syndrome.

Getting samples into the machine is an easy process, you just need to ensure the samples are 44k Mono. You save them on the SD card and then pop the SD card into the machine and click ‘Disk’ to enter the storage facility and select your sample.

From the manual:

9.2 Loading Samples from Disk
• Press the DISK button to enter the disk menu and the display shows the contents of the root directory (if it doesn’t do the first time, press DISK again):
• Select the file with the data weel or the up/down buttons – a quick prelisten function will play the start of the file. You just need to make sure the samples are 44k mono

Honestly… I much prefer the sound to any other drum machine I have ever owned (and I’ve owned most of them). The sequencer is not as versatile or deep as any of the Elektron boxes but the AR and MD are whimpy by comparison as the analog filters and VCA are pure magic on the AB.

For what it’s worth, my second favourite drum machine in terms of sound is hands down the Tanzbar… :slight_smile:


Love the sound but how is it for less structured beats? Micro timing etc.


like i said the sequencer is quite basic but still versatile enough. in typical jomox fashion you have the triplets etc printed/laid out for you… don’t expect micro timing ala OT though… To be perfectly honest I dont sequence it using its onboard sequencer so perhaps another user here can tell us about their experience. On the Cirklon however I can attest it is a glorious experience…

btw @Prints when are you getting yours ?!


I found this part of the manual interesting because it relates to my ideas from 5 months ago with regards to the matrix layout for the FM synth.


I wish I knew!


I also think this “Spatial” feature of the FM synth is really cool.


Any more new owners willing to share their experiences? The AB has really caught my eye, I’m definitely thinking about pulling the trigger once there are a few more demos out there. :content: