JoMoX Alpha Base Analog Drum Synthesizer


hmm I think the jury is still out until units arrive in stores and more reviews come out. So I am on the fence on whether to get the Jomox or not. So far my bet is on the Elektron gear as I love the MD I am playing with right now and strongly leaning toward either the Elektron DT or new AR MK2 for a drum machine.


i love the sound of Jomox … bought the mBase 11 the other day, simply gorgeous. Going to connect a Doepfer bank of 16 faders to remote control the 16 parameters. The sound is amazing although i don’t much enjoy scrolling about the place to access the various levels…

hopefully the Doepfer will redesign the experience of bassdrum designing lol.


Really wish I would have done that. I tried to do it late, but missed the cut off. I think he only needed or wanted a certain amount of pre orders with the discount price.


Anyone have one of these yet? Would love to play one, but not sure who has them.


Someone on SoundCloud recorded a bunch of the preset patterns.


This guy posted another YouTube video too.


lol my favorite part about this YouTube video is this comment


I just cancelled my preorder. This looks like a truly nice machine no doubt, but I’m really digging the drums I’m getting out of the Digitakt with good samples and plenty of overdrive.


I couldn’t resist …


Sweet. The demos I‘ve heard sounded great. What‘s your impression of build quality/software stability? To be honest I‘ve heard some less than great things about Jomox in that regard, but don‘t have hands on experience.


Yes, please share any/all experiences asap. Is the saving of mixer settings really wonky, and not working correctly?


lol it was your negative post about the Alpha Base on the Gearslutz forum that pushed me to cancel my preorder.


I literally got it a cpl hours ago so haven’t had the time to get that deep yet. My buddy also owns one from the pre-order days and he keeps cursing that the UI is crap. I think it’s quite rudimentary - I remember cursing a lot more when I got the OT the first time around…

The sequencer is quite basic/crap but I like the fact that it is multi timbral because I sequence it through the Cirklon… You can do exactly the same via the OT or DT if you prefer, i.e. Midi Channel 1 = Track 1 (Kick) and so on. Pretty plug and play in that regard.

It is HEAVY sounding… i’ve just been messing with the built in reverb/delay and I quite like the sound… passing the samples through the analog VCA gives it some dirt and unpredictability.

Build quality is surprisingly really good; it’s built like a tank - the encoders on the left side of the unit are ok, perhaps a little light feelign, but the main volume, gain and data buttons are real nice and sturdy and you have to apply a decent amount of force/torque to move them - really nice feel (much nicer than Elektron which feel super light IMO).

Will report back ASAP when i have a little longer to play with it.


ugh. Now I want to cancel my cancellation…


Oh man am sorry about that :frowning: to be fair I’m trying it out - I got rid of my Two Voice Pro which was a major ball ache and put the money towards a Tempest and the Jomox as the cash was lying around.

Annoyingly my Tempest was defective so it’s gone back to the shop for a replacement - now THAT is a real fun instrument to play in my opinion… I really enjoyed interacting with it more than ANY of the drum machines I currently or have ever owned.


If anyone’s based in the UK, had 5 in stock (out of nowhere!) earlier this morning… I was browsing at work and when I saw them in stock I said fk it and bought one.

DV247 (owned by has them incoming I think on the 15th.


I liked the Tempest a lot too. Now, that’s a good work flow. I’m secretly hoping you come back to say the Alpha Base is the best thing there ever was, and to get one.


hahah yes… I think I’m addicted to drum machines and will stop here. Only 1 thing is certain - I am keeping both the MD and Tempest. I have to say, the Jomox though looks and feels the part - and its massive…


Also, curious about the FM synth on the Alpha Base. Is it capable of nice BASS sounds, or only weird metallic percussion stuff?


Are the 16 encoders on the left bolted to the faceplate?