JoMoX Alpha Base Analog Drum Synthesizer


Will do. Haven’t seen that thread yet.


Either muff or gearsluts can’t remember now



Any word on ETA bro? How’s the Dominion club replacement going?


I heard they’ve started shipping, but don’t know when I’ll be getting mine. I’m about to order another Dominion Club from Gear4Music I think. I’m waiting for the value of the pound to drop though.


Blimey, not too much further please or we’ll be paying you!


Some video of the sampling functionality. Seems kinda bad TBH, but I understand why it’s there and I’m sure someone will use it. I would never buy this machine for that functionality though, it’s all about the analog instruments. Digitakt is just in another league for sampling purposes.

Still interested in one eventually, but there seems to be a lot of clicking and not too friendly workflow at times.


Seems like a bug to me- will probably be fixed


Not just the volume issue, but the whole process in general. I guess I’m spoiled from the Digitakt. I completely realize that sampling isn’t a priority or focus here, but seems pretty convoluted. Or maybe it’s just this guys first stab at it and that’s why. Seems like it’d be a lot better geared to just loading samples like Rytm MKI.


Yeah- I wouldn’t expect the sampling to be that intuitive based on that screen- I just kinda inferred that difficulty. Obviously the DT which is entirely sample based is going to have a more streamlined process.

However, once the RYTM MKII comes out, it’s going to smoke this piece(I wonder if that was the motive for the MK2?)


if I was mainly interested in a sampler as opposed to an analog drum machine, I would most likely not get the Alpha Base.

The thing with the Alpha Base is that the Kick, M-brane, and analog envelopes/filters processing the metalizer/samples sounds ridiculously good. I didn’t even use the envelopes (always had to use the only LFO to make it snappy enough) or most of the analog engines when I had the RYTM.

Listen to this little SoundCloud demo. It just has such a cool, chunky sound.


keen to invest in the Alpha Base one day although for now going with the two modules for bassdrum and snare



Any news on the ETA?


Detroit Modular told me end of this month or early next.


I’m getting so antsy for mine. This guy’s main riff sounds totally off-beat in a weird way, but the drums sound banging.


I think my Tanzbar sounds waaaay better!

EDIT but thats just me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


not to discourage anyone… but my buddy who pre-ordered received his last week… said “its a monster, but still the worst interface i’ve ever laid my hands onto”


You can always record those one shots into something else. Where did he get his at? I’m not gonna buy this must go to Bulgaria for holiday instead. My hands are shaking though.


he pre-ordered it when it was available on the jomox website (and paid in full at the time)… think it was something like 20% cheaper too.