JoMoX Alpha Base Analog Drum Synthesizer


Yeah the FM synth definitely caught my attention.
He really needs to demo his gear better though.
Those demos make me dizzy, generally only get half way through each one before I give up. At least try and hold the camera still.
Frustrating for I am sure it has a lot of potential


New vid


if only the RYTM analogue section sounded like this… or perhaps if only the JoMox stuff had the Elektron interface/ workflow. damn.


I was so close to cancelling my preorder, but there’s something about this one. The only demos that exist are all by Jürgen. The potential of what could be achieved with parameter locking the M-brane and FM synth while applying effects and such sounds so intriguing to me. My credit card is getting hot, but I’m finding other ways to cool it down. This thing needs to come out soon. I want to play with it badly.


Yeah it’s a shame the demo quality is so bad. Painful trying to watch them.
This dude has really got to sort out his marketing. Maybe he sells that many it doesn’t matter?


I listen to all the demos at least once a day. I’m getting a bit sick of that tempo and style; it’s ok though. I’d like to see how hot you can push the levels into the filters and amps to get grit. I’d like to see if the effects parameters can be p-locked; especially, reverb/delay mix levels. I want to hear how well that M-brane can make clap/snap sounds, and punchy snares. I’m actually excited to figure this stuff all out for myself I guess. I want to hear how mean it can sound.


something about this one grabs me despite the limited quality of the videos. as you say @psyclone001 it’s a shame … but as it’s restraining my wallet, i’m going to tell myself it’s good for me personally. otherwise it might be an impulse buy my budget can’t currently handle.

my recurrent thought since i checked out his first video: this thing could end up showing itself to be more limited than the md but sufficient to make full compositions on. a complete techno voice. will depend on all the capabilities you mention @Prints esp. m-brane and fm synths, as well as its ability to create bass tones … anyways until i get a cash infusion, i’m curious to hear any jam sessions you early adopters record.


When I listen to how a single-cycle wave on the Alpha Base sounds, with its analog VCAs and analog Jomox filters, doing synth and bass compared to the Digitakt, I prefer how the Jomox sounds.


Been thinking a bit about the matrix implementation for the FM synth on this. I wonder if it will be like like linear algebra in any way with special algebraic relationships between the values of the parameters in the matrix resulting in interesting common properties for different sounds. It’d be really neat if certain unique matrix forms did this.


Sounding good. Can’t wait until mine arrives.


When are these units supposed to be delivering? Thought it was August?
Think it would work well next to the AR and MD :smiley:
I really don’t need another drum machine, but this appears to be a monster!!


These filters sound excellent.


When I grow up I want to be prints. What’s the eta on your preorder bro?


lol I wish I knew. Jomox is the worst at communicating anything. I’m ok with it being a surprise though because I should be getting some new fun shit to play with soon. I think sometime in Sept. for sure though.


Been said before but its a shame communication is so bad… the products are awesome sounding but half finished projects…


With Jomox track record I personally wouldn’t buy anything without knowing it’s going to work first.
With other companies e.g. Elektron it’s a pretty safe bet to say if things aren’t working they will sort it out.
Not so sure with Jomox unfortunately. Also the guy seems like an absolute dick from all reports, so wouldn’t want to support his business regardless


I had an Xbase09 in the early 2000’s. Kind of came across it on accident and wasn’t even aware of it or looking for one. I got a good price on it, but really didn’t appreciate what I had at the time. Sampled it and triggered externally, but never used it for the sequencer or anything. Honestly, can’t remember what my main source of drums was back then, probably samples, but this and the Drumstation hardly got used. It did have an amazing kick though! I recorded every default kit before I sold it and still have those samples.

I’m flush in drum machines and kick sources right now, but Alpha Base still looks damn interesting. I totally agree with the part about making sure it’s finished and reasonably bug free before purchasing. This unit and the Tempest still get me GAS’ing, but drum machines and drum sources are my addiction past couple of years.


I was definitely not rational when I preordered this. That much, I’m certain of.


I don’t want to appear defensive but could you be more specific as to how you got the impression of Jürgen being a “dick”? Any links that we could peruse to make our own judgement?

From the SuperBooth videos and the in-depth demos with Lesindes (all on Youtube), he seems enthusiastic, deeply knowledgeable and and quirky (almost a little shy) - a character that wouldn’t seem out of place in these forums, I suspect.

I’m not saying he hasn’t made some questionable moves regarding quality assurance and support for past instruments. I, too, will be eagerly awaiting Prints’ detailed impressions before taking the plunge. I’m hoping the Alpha Base will show that Jürgen’s learned from past mistakes.

It just seems like “dick” is a strong, personal charge to issue in public without a little more supporting evidence, hence my question about web links or perhaps your personal interactions with the man.


Go to muff forum and checkout the Jomox thread, then make up your own mind. And that’s just one reference