Joined the OT club lol

Just got a late birthday present.
Made a new project using the Presets set that comes with it. This thing is great!
I’m mostly looking forward to using this in conjunction with my other gear, but for now I’m exploring what it can do on its own.

My goal is likely to use it as a mixer/looper + stereo sample player all at once if possible.
Thinking something like this:
TRK 1+2 = RYTM + eurorack
TRK 3+4 = loop/live resample/remix of the inputs
TRK 5,6 = flex/static samples (not 100% on the difference yet other than 1 can be longer)
TRK 7 = either more samples or perhaps a ‘master’ looper
TRK 8 = master

See you in a few months :slight_smile:


Yup, static machines stream from card, so samples can be huge. Flex streams from RAM, and can play recorder buffers.
Also, flex machines respond much faster to LFO mod and cross fader mod, flex machines have extended audio editor functions. So depending on what you’re doing, theres always an informed choice as to which machine to use.




I’ll add I can’t see any advantage of using Static vs Flex appart from long samples (up to 2GB, around 3h30mn), or if RAM is full. They can be clicky if you change start points.


This is a solid configuration for using what you have. You’ve put some thought into it!

Have fun!


Use Flex.
In the manual there is a cool usage of static when you use the OT as a mixer desk. Loading your tracks in static 1 and 5 and using the crossfader to transit between the 2, like a DJ.

But in most case, Flex are more flex.


I love using static as I do field recording and I like having them in the background, I could probably loop smaller part of them, but I just do since I can! Welcome to the OT crew it’s a wonderful machine!


Love setting Plays Free tracks with long ambient field recordings. <3

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