Jamuary 2019



Fun with Machinedrum today


25 for 25 in the final week!



Analog Rythm Mark 2 handles all the percussion here. What an awesome machine, this is my first track with it <3

Love AR so much… I sold the Digitakt!


Still so many great contributions! I was sick this week and have fallen behind listing to everybody but I will catch up tomorrow. Meanwhile I want to present you my most professional recording setup so far:

You can witness the results of this pristine Environment here:
Back to Techno


Number 5, fourth on the opz!


I love your track and the video FX! :smile:
I can’t find the inspiration… “Compound siblings” = Chemical Brothers, maybe?


lmao correct, I had forgotten I tagged that


Fantastic track. I think you just won this thread. (imho)


Today’s noodle! Nod-E (Reaktor) sequencing the System-1. Sequence + arp on the Minilogue, some TB-3 and drums on the Digitakt :slight_smile:


Ahhh you’re too kind! I don’t think I won anything before (blushing) :smiley:


Pick your poison



Only 5 out of 28 for me. I’ll try to continue filming my jams throughout the year, it’s a good exercise in many aspects!


ran out of time on this one, just one note : (
oh well, maybe have a listen anyway…


practicing and recording our jams, drummer and me, electro acoustic, with triggers to the AR




That was magnificent!


Thank you :blush:


Lorre Mill Double Knot vs Analog Heat - semi-generative Double Knot patch (somewhat modulated by the Keyed Mosstone) into semi-extreme settings on Analog Heat via a spring reverb