Jamuary 2019




Posted this in the Digitone thread but it counts as a jam and I’m a shameless self promoter.
All performed on Digitone (including effects), recorded live into Tascam DR40 then straight onto Soundcloud.
Be warned, there’s a lot of distortion, especially towards the end of the track.


Gear used: Synthstrom Deluge, Eurorack modular, RME FF400, Apple Imac

-Noises: Mutable Instruments Plaits (Particle noise) + Chronoblob

-Arp: Ladik VCO1 + Ryo Aperture + Chronoblob (CV sequenced by Deluge)

-Bass: Doepfer A-110-1 + Doepfer A-106-5 SEM (CV sequenced by Deluge)

-Kick: Synthstrom Deluge 808 Kick

-Hemisphere with ADSR apps for the envelopes

-Modulation by ALM Pamela NW

-VCAs: Happy Nerding 3xVCA

Mixed and mastered in Logic X.

Filmed with a Lumix TZ-80 and edited with Magix Vegas 14



I can’t keep up with daily schedule because of work, but weekends are for #jamuary :slight_smile:



Here’s my day 13 - semi-generative patch I built on on the DeepMind. Also experimenting with the old shoegaze distortion post-reverb trick - fun, will definitely be doing it again.

Also I was up really early doing this, so yes, I am still wearing pyjamas in this video.


I’ll follow Mr.Sink’s “Pajama Jam” #Pyjamuary with this New Shoes Inspired LED effort.


Piano solo. Based on a poem of Antonio Machado


I’ve been doing some jamuary noodles as well. Mostly AIRA and Circuit stuff, but this one involves the Digitakt :slight_smile:


This is the 5th track I have done for #Jamuary. Falling behind due to work and being sick, but still want to upload as much as possible. There is a Digitone patch in here that sounds almost like a sample with Bit rate reduction applied. It amazes me what FM synths can do! You can hear it real good towards the end around 4:30.

Gear used : Elektron Digitone, Elektron Machinedrum, Novation Bass Station II.

Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment!


My goal for Jamuary 2020 will be daily uploads. I am really impressed how some of you are already doing that. I am still getting used to recording these. Here is my second contribution:


Put two out today to make up for being slow so far.
This is a bit of a loose John Carpenter style thing…


digitakt x blofeld, my latest for jamuary. hope everyone enjoys some good old fashioned knob-twiddling, i tried to limit myself to the delay, reverb, and LFO pages as much as possible (some filter work was unavoidable) because i find when im doing live recording i tend to shy away from those pages. check out the rest of the stuff i’ve put up this month, too! it’s all recorded live off the digitakt :slight_smile:



That one was sweet!


Third jam ! So I will actually be dropping a jam every week this year, that is the plan, if you would subscribe to this new channel I created, I will be eternally grateful :slight_smile:


Just got some of my Volcas back off loan to the drummer in my band. Forgot how much fun they can be - something very joyful about “playing the octaves” on the FM. I’m using a sample rate reduced delay to add an extra tonal thing into the mix.


Today’s lunchjam with my Aira quartet and a Minilogue. :slight_smile: The TB3 needs a wipe though…


Trying to find a work flow that fits so not much in the way of tricks on the OT’s… anyway, a jam is a jam!!!
Gear used: OB6 and OT’s going into the MX-1. Some plugs on the stereo file.
That’s it.