Jamuary 2019


Here’s a little ditty I made for Jamuary


BoC-inspired Analog Four sound design


Not too late to join the Jamuary? :slight_smile:

Jamming on the E2 on the commute probably looks quite silly, but it’s good fun.

All sounds are from the E2. Some EQ-ing, plus a feeble attempt at compressing. Need to learn how to work a compressor :slight_smile:



AR jam




not bad mate!


Hey thanks! Diggin your jams too!


Just because Jamuary is almost over and I haven’t released anything in over 6 years, here is my first ever track using Elektron devices.

Please note, I absolutely suck at mastering and don’t know anything, I’m going to buy a book on it soon. Second note, this is nowhere near the final version, I jammed this whole thing out in 2 hours today messing around with some post effect plugins and such.

Thematic release based around the Tao Te Ching / QiGong is scheduled to be released by the end of the year ( enough time to read about mastering and practice more with my Elektron boxes).

Setup: Studio One 4 Professional, Elektron Digitakt/Digitone, Moog Sub Phatty, Fender Strat (I’m going to add a DSI Rev2 to this setup soon).



This one came out kinda weird, but I love how much more dynamic the touch FX on the Volca Kick are once you’ve stuck loads of motion sequencing in there.


Two more before the month is over. :smiley: Trying out the Medusa.



Last day of #Jamuary2019. Here’s some noodling around with mute states on a Machinedrum CR-AL track


It is still Jamuary in some parts of the World:



got 31/31
i need a break lol


Got 22/31 , feel pretty accomplished. Haven’t even had a chance to upload all of them. Here’s another one for you.


Heres one from Jambruary.