Izvidnica - Digitakt dark drone/noise experiments

Started exploring unconventional DT approaches, getting rhythm from droning oscillations instead of kicks and snares. Distortion/warmth courtesy of piping the DT through the SansAmp Bass Driver.



Brilliant, love this, what other equipment did you use apart from digitakt, sounds amazing

Thank you!

Nothing else really, just a Digitakt into the Bass Driver, then into the audio interface. I’m using samples of factories, jet engines, etc I found on YouTube but tweaking each track’s parameters heavily with LFOs. I was hoping Elektron would add that second LFO for a long time, now it’s a whole new world of possibilities for drones/ambiances.

BTW this track is just three DT tracks/samples, oscillating out of phase and then me fiddling some knobs on top.

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quick, spend 1000€ on distortion pedals and contact mics so you can make the noise yourself live

Hold on, BRB

New drone - processed noise recorded from an old AM handheld radio: