I've Lost My Manual


Nightmare, I’ve only had the Octatrack for a couple of months and I cant find the bloody manual. I need a physical copy as I find it impossible to work with pdf’s at the same time. Going to cane my printer ink!


Ask a copy shop to quote you for black & white printing and spiral binding the PDF for you. Would be a lot cheaper than printing it yourself.


Yes! the binding is so important, I dont think I’ve got a hole punch big enough :grin:


shop.servicepointuk.com quote about £8.00 for the OT MkII manual printed double sided b&w and ring bound.


Thank-you - I’ll get onto that now!


Why ? For me now it is the opposite. :slight_smile:
I need search function, especially with Octatrack.


I used these guys https://doxzoo.com to get physical copies of the Digitakt and Digitone manual. Bit more expensive I think. But in colour with really nice binding and back/front covers.


Hi Sezare56, I hope your doing well. I commute and use my Octatrack or Rytm plugged into a socket on a coach and I don’t have the room to use a laptop at the same time. I don’t have a tablet and just need the manual while working things out. Having a family, this is the best use of a 4 hour commute (in total) I can think of. I don’t have a lot of free time elsewhere. At the weekends Im cleaning the house and looking after the kids while my wife works, so the commute gives me some music time…if I could afford a tablet that would probably be a solution, but I cant so the physical copy is the best solution I currently have. I’m not a total luddite :). I use the PDF’s when at home and near a laptop. I hope this makes sense! Chris


That’s some dedication mate. I can’t even open my eyes when commuting :sleeping:


Hi. Totally make sense. Sell your Rytm !
Sorry for bad joke. :blush:
I was thinking about sending my manual to you but I can’t find it !
English ?
Country ?


I’ll never sell my Rytm, I love it! I just need to learn the Octatrack so I can get similar lovely feelings. Both units are mk1’s, I live in the UK and commute to London from the middle of nowhere :grin: @Kirz my wife works 6 days a week as a landscaper and gardener in all weathers - so I don’t mind confining my music time to what could be dead travelling time . My daughter is 9 tomorrow so back to preparing for a busy couple of days! Thanks all :slight_smile: Chris


So you’d be interested in my MKI manual if find it ? (I think it’s in english :slight_smile:, I’m in France)


That would be amazing, thank you. sorry for the late reply, it was my daughter birthday this weekend. Thanks Chris


Can’t promise, I have to find it. Anyway it’s a good reason to clean all my huge mess. I found my former gear manuals only ! :smile:


Woo-hoo ! Cleared out the office and found it under a ton of paperwork!