I've fallen out of love with the DT

I was initially very excited about the DT, and often described it as a never-sell. I tried using it standalone for a long time, and had some fun but never completed anything. I tried using it with Ableton for a while also, and ended up in the same place.

At the end of the day I think there’s too much menu diving and the opposite of “what you see is what you get” and I think I am going to part with it. I find creating sample-based sounds very unintuitive also compared to analog drum synthesis I’m probably going to replace it with a Drumbrute Impact.

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Everyone’s different, I guess. For me, I complete way more using DT almost standalone. You might like something like the TR-8S to have a more hands approach to beat making but still have the options to throw a few samples into the mix. Hope you find the right tool for your productions.


we don’t stop loving the Dt my friend, the DT stops loving us, and sure just like that we cling to the first Brute :japanese_goblin: we run into because what else are we gonna do , we’re broken hearted and we don’t know if the DT will ever take us back… besides the Brute wears a leather jacket, and rides a motorcycle with a loud muffler, plus he said that if we ever get caught smoking reefer that it’d be ok cause his uncle’s a cop but in the back of our minds we know we should have begged the DT to keep us around, even if it was just for kicks :cry:


Now is probably a decent time to sell, as the price just went up again on the Digitakt, sounds like a regular drum machine is what you are after… at the same time make sure you want it gone as it might be a while before you find one at the price you first got it at. I wouldn’t really say something like the Impact is drum synthesis exactly as you aren’t really crafting sounds it is more so tweakable preset drums that are synthesized… Digitakt is technically much more capable of actual synthesis of sounds. I wonder now that Digitakt is capable of loading in samples/presets as a bundle if there are some good packs that would make you a happier with it, once most sounds are set up you should have to do much beyond the amp or filter page to get the same level of control as something like a drumbrute impact.

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The moment you stop wanting to complete something you fall in love again. Just play


Sounds like it’s :elot: time…


I can relate to this. I go back and forth on whether I need a sampler or not. sometimes I won’t use one for months on end, and other times they’re essential. compare this to, say, a Roland TR machine and it’s night and day; the TR box has very few sound control parameters (some sounds, it’s just volume), the settings for everything are right in front of you, the sequencing options are bare minimum but still plenty, and the sounds are incredible right out of the box. a sampler needs work. you have to dig into it. you have to find a good source and the proper technique to massage it into what you want. or even sometimes… a shit source, which you know how to get what you want from. two totally different workflows. some find the former more conducive to the sounds and writing approach they’re after. others find the latter better sounding and more rewarding.

personally I don’t find the DT very menu-divey. other than going through a library of samples, of course. “this sounds good, I’ll try it…” ten minutes later of futzing around… “yeah this won’t work, lemme clear it and search through three levels deep of folders again to find another sound…” yeah, that can get annoying. but I guess so is plugging cables and turning knobs on a modular for 20 minutes, only to not find what you’re after and have to unplug it all to start over…

again, it’s a workflow thing… what works for one person or frame of mind on one day may not work for another person or frame of mind on another day. so if you’re lucky enough to be able to afford both options, go for it. if not, go for the one that suits you best.


@MrBlenderson dont worry about it. I didnt really click with the DT either. Sold it on after a few months.

Sell it and get something else.


I felt the same about the DT for awhile, after adding it to my DN. But, that changed recently. I decided to disconnect it from everything, and each night, I scour YouTube, and take one single 33s sample. From this sample, I mangle, and just build some sort of groove. Just doing this has connected me to the DT- it is fun, and has drastically improved my muscle memory - I am basically real-time mangling now and it is a joy, no other sampler I have used has the same feel. Now with the second LFO it is just so versatile as a granular synth as well.


This comment never took the turn I was somewhat expecting… and I love that!


well I’m not sure what that means but I know it’s all subjective in the end, I just think the Digitakt shines like no other beatmachine… it’s not that it’s better or worse than something else it’s just so unique that even sitting between 4 other instruments that share it’s core it’s still remains a unique experience, and it’s one of the few beat machines that can really be anything and feel good while doing so.

I know if the op is not feeling it they’re just not feeling it but I can’t imagine what could replace it, these two old clips still encapsulates everything I love about it

I don’t know how anyone could watch either of those two clips and fawn over an sp-404…but then I can’t wait til the new one drops too :slight_smile:


I recently became less impressed with the Digitakt because of a new sampler I bought but I agree with you. I see no reason to sell it. It is a fantastic, deep, intuitive one shot sequencer (beat machine) with lots of extras + it has tempo nudge making it ideal to work with a DJ setup if I can’t sync it otherwise.

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speaking of that, would you please personify the SP404 next (if possible)? :clap:

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Ha I’ve kind of fallen back in love with it since the last update. The second filter makes it so much easier to tidy up the mix (I’d often end up with too much going on in the low end), the second LFO makes it easier to keep a loop sounding less repetitive and being able to run two synths into it and add effects, plus sequence them, all from one box, is brilliant.

I think I’m more productive with smaller setups and right now Digitakt + SH01 + TB03 is proving to be a lot of fun!


Let it rest for a while, only to rediscover the Digitakt again at a later stage.
Recently I’m having fun connecting the Digitakt to AUM via USB, the midi channels offer space for a whole orchestra of synth devices - really fun to play around and use the Elektron sequencer for that.

I also discovered this Japanese (Digitakt) wizard, a true genius: Kick.S !
(it must be due to the language barrier that he didn’t get more love on here yet)

While I’m not that much into Trance, the creative usage of LFO’s and other Digitakt features makes me scratch my head.

Use your browser’s translate function, it is understandable to follow along:

this is a tutorial for the LFO. There are many others on his blog.

Here a Digitakt set of his music style (he calls it Digitaktrance):

If this doesn’t spark new inspiration, then i don’t know. :slight_smile:

What a Groovebox the Digitakt can be - Wowsers!


I sold my first Digitakt, bought a digitone. Then I missed the Digitakt and bought another one…
Now with the new update it’s better than ever.
I won’t sell my Digitakt again


I love the Digitakt so much, probably my favorite electronic box I’ve used, but I could never finish tracks with it. I loved what I made and how I got there but I could never manage to finalize it. I always wanted to try too hard to not use my DAW with it, but if I got one again, I would record the shite out of it before finishing the track mostly in the DAW.


Thanks for the responses everyone. I think I might stick the DT in the closet and grab a Drumbrute and see if I miss it before selling. The Drumbrute is obviously limited but it’s cheap too.

Part of the complication here is that I have a 4yo, a baby on the way, and a very demanding job so I don’t have all that much time to play music so I find myself wanting more immediate simpler devices.


I bought and sold the digitakt twice before accepting it wasnt for me! Its not made for everyone, use what works for you!

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I love my DT but having the DT makes me feel like I am missing out on AR, which is pricey.