I've a question about LFO SPD=64 in the DT manual

Acually I checked now and you are right and I am wrong. Its not the latest version of the manual that is up on the page… Have to investigate why that and upload a new one. Thanks for poking me about it!
Yes this thing that Google links to older version of the manual is annoying. I have asked people to look in to see if we can do something about it on our side to get them refreshed somhow.


You need to submit recrawl requests to google every time you put a new manual up and use their provided url inspection tools to check status of your links.

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Now the updated manual is up on the site.
Yes, as far as I know it is something like this that needs to be done. Im not a web wizard myself, but I will pass on the info. Thanks :slight_smile:



Never mind. I can do it by ear.

Please ignore the rest…

Can you give an example on how to calculate the LFO speed for “odd” time signatures?

I would like to have the LFO sitting on top of a 4/4 groove modulating the cutoff freq in a polymetric or polyrhythmic fashion. Idk maybe in 6/8, 1/3, 3/8 or 5/16?

I just had this idea, maybe I can figure it on my own. But if there is just a “formula” that’ll be easier.

Very much like in this video