It's Time For A Track Challenge, Strangah


Im down! thanks for the tag, dont want to miss this one!


Hang on… so, do you have to use samples, or can I just use the same synth patches they use?

ps. Disco?


Use any combination of instrumentation you want as long as your track contains recognizable elements from the show, whether that is samples or melodic themes is up to you. Genre specifics and other requirements are detailed in the 1st post.


I’ll try. :slightly_smiling_face:



Step 1: watch stranger things for 15 hours


The last 2 days I’ve been combing through episodes picking out samples. I found nearly all of my source audio in 3 episodes with a few bits from a 4th. Previously, I had never listened to this show with headphones but this weekend I found a new appreciation for the work that went into the audio. I can’t wait to get the chains put together and get to work with the sequence. I think I’m going to stick to using my OT and perhaps a single monosynth for flavor.


same, have to plan out a day to binge season 2 and 3.


I am just going to sample that opening synth arpeggio, add an amen break, and loop it for 5 min. I got dibs. Nobody mess with my creativity. Boom :boom:


Too late. I did it already!


this is fun, count me in!


So far I’ve sampled quite a lot of people screaming.

I love YouTube supercut videos, they’ve done most of the hard work for me…


Here’s my first attempt. Nothing special but having listened to the 3 or 4 loops used for hours and hours I just needed to get this done and out there haha (plus it was ruining my other halves Love Island viewing…).

I did initially aim for “dub techno” but kind of veered off (per usual). Probably the closest I’ve got to a challenge genre mind you :joy: Maybe if I do another track I’ll manage something…

Octatrack only used and I only sampled the final episode of season 3 for this one. I’ve got a list of all the times of the samples used if anyone is interested. The kick and bass line (as heard in the start) comes from about 10 seconds in to the episode, for example. Ableton used to record the whole thing and nothing more.

I say this after every time I do an Octatrack effort that the ending is a little messy and that I need to use scenes more and this one is no different! One day…


I wish I had known about these before I started! Great sample fodder!


The intro has a real whiff of Otto Von Schirach about it.

I like it.


I’ve been busy this afternoon…

Not finished yet but so far it sounds suitably horrible. I’ve even managed to throw in some “dub” elements.


Excellent. I believe I’ll have my first track done this week.


I have a dnb / jungle type deal I’m working on. Not very thrilled about how it sounds, but oh well. Will finish and upload soon.


Managed to jam out a bit of a rough live track this afternoon into my little Zoom. It really is quite rough and the arrangement’s all over the place but, in the interest of oversharing, I thought it right to share it with you clowns. If all it does is set the bar a little lower for the rest of you then at least I’ve achieved something.

This probably isn’t my finished submission but it might be better than what I end up with…


The screaming that sounds like a hoover, was that intentional or a happy accident?