It's Time For A Track Challenge, Strangah

It’s been quiet around here lately, probably because everyone is coming off their Stranger Things binge. Are you ready for the next challenge?


The format for this challenge is as follows:

Source material: Stranger Things seasons 1-3, self sourced. Feel free to recreate melodic themes from the intro or any piece of music found in the episodes. You must include identifiable elements from these shows which can include melodies, synth sounds, effects, dialog and background sounds. You must notate which elements you included in your final track. Eg: the kick drum sound is from the car door slam in S1 E4 and the snare is from when they drop the books on the table in S2 E2, etc.

Genre: dub techno, reggae, jungle or drum and bass; this is wide open to the vast variation found within those genres. See Basic Channel, Maurizio, Pole, Lee Perry, Mad Professor, Bill Laswell, Scorn, Goldie, etc.

Gear: Bring what you got but tell us what you used. Personally, I favor some sampling but more power to you if you break out the sousaphone and school us like the children we are.

Limits: No more than 2 submissions per artist and it would be ideal if they are under 5 minutes in length. Your final submission is due August 31st 2019 at 23:59. Youtube and Soundcloud submissions are preferred but not required.

Judging: I determine the winner and @Fin25 will pick up your pub bill, assuming you can convince him.

Who’s in?



In. I’m rewatching Stranger Thngs, and my octatrack arrives Monday. It was meant to be!


Killer. I’m looking forward to your track. We should be able to find some decent sampler food in all of this. :wink:

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Unlikely, the wife just bought a car…

I’m in though but, in my usual style, I cannot promise the end product will fit the brief. I’ll give a jungle track my best go but it ends where it ends (usually in a right bloody mess).

Sci-Fi noisegrind junglecore anyone?

It definitely won’t be dub techno though.

Fuck dub techno.


I’m listening to Electrofirestarter for inspiration as I write this. Oh, and get dirty if you want.

Gotta say I have really not enjoyed this latest season!
Such crap writing and dull red scare tropes. Yet to watch the final episode though so I’ll try to sample it and take part.


You should call your track Hopper.

Yeah we had a laugh at the red scare thing too. Our son was pissed about the party dynamics changing.

Don’t feel like you need to use any material from the 3rd season though.

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The only thing worse than my music is the fact that someone listens to it.


Oh snap you spoiled it for me.

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I’ll use OB-6 obviously.
I really need to make a synthwave track anyway…


Hmm…the old lady is out of town all next week…timing could be perfect and we’ve been watching season 3 anyway.
That said, fuck dub techno.
Sorry, I got nothing against dub techno…it was peer pressure and I buckled


OMFG so jealous. Yes please.

I was thinking about providing some chord samples from my VP-330 string section as additional sampler food.

Haha. Do you do any drum and bass or reggae?

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I just saw that the genres you mention don’t fit ST spirit… I’ll then try to go for some kind of jungle synthwave or any hybrid genre that could fit the bill :smiley:

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I somehow liked the vibe of the first season, but i thought the second season was such a crap I don‘t want to watch the new season anymore :slightly_smiling_face:
and I don‘t like the soundtrack anyway :sweat_smile:
sorry for complaining, have fun with the challenge.


Sorry pal. To be fair the stuff I mentioned starts very early in the season. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m in :sunglasses: I’ve been wanting to make some dub techno or drum & bass (love the music just no real experience with making it) so… yay!

We can only use sounds from Stranger Things (Seasons 1-3)? Or can we also add whatever sounds we like?

I see synths are allowed - what about samples?

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All synths, samplers and other instruments are allowed. You are not limited to using elements from Stranger Things but you must include some samples or melodic elements from the series that are identifiable.

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Nice. I’m excited for this :fireworks::sparkler: