Italy meet up?

I am in the south of Italy, making my way up north with car.

Anybody want to hang out?

Not vaccinated by the way

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I thought you lived in Berlin? maybe I’m mistaking you for anyone else.

If you’ll come up east, in Slovenia, Piran, let me know! It’s 30 km from Trieste but there are restrictions at the border.

I do. I am traveling for holidays. Currently behind Bari going north

What sort of restrictions?

At the border you need either a vaccination certificate, 48 hours max negative test or a certificate of recovery. Detailed info here Border Crossing | GOV.SI

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Thank you

I’m up in north eastern Italy, not too far from to the border with Austria.

close to the Dolomits?

Yep, currently at work and I can actually see them from my office window.

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Proof?! :sweat_smile: Do you have any open jobs I can apply for?

If you speak Italian you can have mine!