Issues updating Syntakt

Hello folks,
wanted to update my syntax with the new OS.
If I want to drag and drop the OS (midi-OX Sys EX file) into the transfer software, it doesn’t work.
Can it be because it is a Midi-OX file?
Thank you for your help.
El Stivo

Did you unzip the sys file onto your desktop first or are you trying to drag it from within the zip?

,Thanks for your quick reply.
I first unpacked the update on my desktop.
Is it normal that it is a Midi-OX file?

MIDI-OX is a program, I expect it’s a sys file that is associated with MIDI-OX as MIDI-OX is set as your default program for handling sys files.

thank you .
I downloaded the OS from the Electron site.
Can it be that it makes a Midi-OX file out of it?
How can I get the right Sys-Ex file?

Seems like there’s another update coming… Might want to hold fire

,I uninstalled Midi-OX.
Now I have the correct Sys-Ex file.
Unfortunately, I can’t drag and drop them to the transfer page either.
Has anyone of you already had this?

It wasn’t that you had a MIDI-OX file, it’s that all syx files on your computer were associated with MIDI-OX while you had it. No changes have been made to the file.

There are a lot of examples of issues updating via Transfer on the forum already, have you had a look? Might be worth checking for tips.

Good luck and let us know how you get on. :slight_smile: