Issue with "pushed" notes on conditional trigs starting in later cycles

Apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere, but I couldn’t find anything in my searches.

A track with conditional trigs starting in the first cycle sounds fine and the notes trigger on the intended beat.

But if I change those trigs to start later (such as 2:2), the notes will sometimes trigger noticeably ahead of their intended rhythmic interval when they do start. I’ve checked the micro timing and the trigs are where they should be, at least numerically.

This “pushed note” effect seems intermittent in that it happens for some tracks and not for others. I am having trouble determining a common shared characteristic in the tracks where it happens.

I’m on latest firmware, 1.11

Has anyone else run across this? It makes conditional trigs sometimes unusable if I want notes to come in later in a repeated sequence.

Interesting, this sounds a lot like what I’ve been experiencing lately, but I just assumed I was accidentally resetting trigs while attempting to place conditions across multiple trigs.

I don’t have an answer, but it is familiar. I do use 2:2 a lot. I’ll have to do some testing.

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Are you changing your pattern length after setting the conditional trigs, by any chance? This happens to me if I start at 1 bar then go to 2-4 bars. The conditions then become based on the entire pattern and I have to reset them to more appropriate intervals.

No, I haven’t been changing the pattern length. I typically establish that first, then sequence trigs, then start setting conditions.

I’ll experiment with that, though, to see if what I’m seeing is related.

It doesn’t seem like a scale or length of pattern issue because the problem trigs are ALMOST landing on the intended step, but pushed forward enough, maybe a 64th or 32nd note, to make the feature unusable,

Are the notes/pitch the same for the early trigs?

Just wondering if it’s the sample stretching affecting the timing.

The notes/pitches are indeed the same, no changes there.

Hmmmm… it’s like a puzzle :smile:

Is it all internal audio trigs? There’s no midi path or additional processing?

My line of thought is to explore how I would do this intentionally.
That might give us some clues (if it’s not a bug)

I have not noticed this on my patterns, and I use 2:2 quite often.

Correct, no MIDI stuff or additional processing going on, just typical audio track patterns.

I may have to do a quick video tomorrow to show the issue “in action”.

Yes I’d be curious to see a demonstration to see if it’s the same issue I came across. I tried to replicate it yesterday but wasn’t able to.

Yeah, …Well the only thing I can think of… If your master pattern length isn’t set to infinite the cond trigs will all reset with the master pattern length.

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A logical guess, but I typically (read:always) set the master pattern length to INF, so there isn’t a master reset causing it.

Been a little out of it with the flu today, but I’ll get around to doing a quick video, including showing the settings.

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Did you figure out what was causing this?