Issue with my Akeys - should I try calibration?


So my AKeys has recently taken on an undesirable glitch: I’m getting a period upward pitch spike coming from the oscillators that shoots the pitch up (near a semitone) briefly before it slides back down to proper pitch over the course of 5 or so seconds. This is happening both while playing and while the sequencer is playing, across multiple patches, patterns and projects. I think this first happened a few weeks ago; what started as very infrequent now is happening every 10 minutes or so.

Calibration certainly seems like a possible fix, but I’m aware of the copy in the manual that states that this shouldn’t be done without consulting support. Gonna do just that right now, just tossing this out here in the hopes that the collective body of knowledge might shed some like on this and speed up my Akeys recovery by a day or two!


Are you using Overbridge?


Yes, indeed I am…and I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this earlier. Thank you for posting that thread, seems to point toward the same glitch. And indeed I recently updated to Sierra as well as installed the new OSes and OB version. Was running the previous OSes and OB on Yosemite and never had this issue.

I’ll try an OB reinstall and see what happens. Thanks!