Issue when upgrading Digitakt to OS 1.11 BETA6

Hi, after freezing a few times during transfer i managed to upgrade to OS 1.11 BETA6 using transfer. But the problem is now, each time i want to load one of my projects it just says “LOAD ERROR” and nothing happens no matter what i try. I can still load the factory projects though, but none of mine. Did i lose everything? Did this happen to anymone else? Thanks.

This just happened to me after updating my Digitone. Looking around for an answer. Factory setting work fine but non of the projects I made before the update will load

It’s been solved for me: Project “Load Error”

Yeah, my problem in particular is that I’d like digitone to work with overbridge. As far as I know, I need this latest version for that.

The Beta version is actually a downgrade. This is why you can’t load your projects anymore. Just switch back to the latest firmware (1.21 i believe) and try overbridge with it. You can still go back to the beta version if you really need it knowing you won’t be able to load some of your projects.

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This worked! Got my projects back and everything runs fine in overbridge! Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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