Issue syncing Ableton with DT via Overbridge and sequencing external gear from DT

So I’m trying to do the following:

  • DT is synced to Ableton with OB, and it works ok
  • DT is also sequencing the Minilogue, the audio output of the ML goes into Ableton via my Motu card. just midi notes, no sync involved between DT and ML

now the result is that DT is synced perfectly with Ableton, but the notes from the ML are slightly off, not much but you can ear it. also when I record the ML in Ableton, you see that every notes is slightly off the grid. what can I do apart from fixing it with the latency correction of Ableton?

I’m also having this issue. I will have a jam and play around with my gear, then when I want to use OB to move things into live, the midi out of DT is no longer in sync with the “audio” out of the DT via OB, but is just off enough to make everything wonky.

I know OB wants you to only sequence in the DAW, but then WHY use the DT at all? This has been super frustrating to me. At this point I feel like it is an issue with OB and DT rather than my own setup

I’ve been able to fix it using sync offset in ableton. I’ve thought about and probably is not possible to solve it completely by Elektron because of the way delay compensation works in a DAW. But I agree it’s frustrating