Is USB midi out working right now or not ? (sending track data)

Is the DTs USB-midi out supposed to send the track midi data out right now ?
( not speaking about clock or sync )

we need to sort out if eurorack USB2CV devices are working right now,
or if its user error on our behalf, which i don´t think it is.

(sorry, my next thread to sort this out as the other was ignored , respectivly did i just got a PM from another user with the same problem as i have.)

works for me.
people say it’s crashy, but personally find it’s stable as long as you don’t send clock to the DT.

in Settings > MIDI, enable output to USB.

in a MIDI track, on the SRC page: press FUNC+CHAN (encoder A) to enable output, select a channel.
put down some default trigs. Notes should come out.

edit: what’s a USBtoCV device?
like all the devices here which have a USB port are USB clients, and the DT is also a client. You can’t connect the DT to these devices via USB:

but DIN MIDI should totally work, just enable MIDI output in Settings and use a MIDI cable…


ok, thats interesting that USB midi is running.

Yes, the midi tracks have been enabled. midi out setting was USB or USB and midi.
The USB-midi 2 CV device is the expert sleepers FH-1 —> = FaderHost 1 :wink:
it is a USB host device and works for example with the USB output of the cirklon,
and works also with the midi-din out of the DT, when using a midi-din to USB cable.
( same tracks, same data)

ok, thats a tough one now why the FH-1 isn´t running with the DTs USB midi out.

much thanks Void !

JFYI: i need to have both in parallel for my setup:
midi out over midi-din socket and midi out over USB.
…and the question is on the table to expand the FH-1 OR to get the shuttle control which can also take “USB To Host” signals.

Wonder if there could be variations in how usb midi is handled (think I read this somewhere in some device pertaining to how it was handled on Win vs OSX)? At this point I think it’s on the FH-1 side. Since I can get my iConnect Midi to work with the DT. It clearly IS delivering midi over USB. But there is something (not) happening at the FH-1 side, when connected directly.

To be clear:
when sending USB midi from DT to iConnect Midi to FH-1 == Success!
when sending USB midi straight to FH-1 == Nada!

Midi-Out works - for me only via Midi-port or Midi-USB. Just checked 5 channels simultaniously as inputs for instrument tracks in my DAW. USB on DT is diconnected, Midi-clock including start-stop-commands are accepted, timing is straight on track. As long as you prevent any manipulation, such as channel switching or DAW-internal processing, the DT runs stable for quite a long time. So far I’m not quite sure if this sudden freezing ‘out of nowhere’ depends only on incoming Midi or any other OS-action, such as copy & paste.

i’m having a similar issue when trying to send usb midi to my Monome Aleph… so maybe it’s something in the midi/usb implementation of the receiving units?

@void does it work for you when sending out of midi port and usb simultaneously?

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I haven’t noticed that it makes any difference. But haven’t actively hunted for problems there yet, since MIDI out seemed to work pretty well in general.

Crazy question? Are you using the USB cable that came with the DT? I haven’t narrowed down the issue, but the is some significant difference with that cable compared to the other USB cables I have (which work with everything else I own…)

i checked it now.
original Elektron USB cable, USB out to FH-1: not running !
midi-Din out to FH-1: running.

But if you’re doing DIN - how are you connecting to the FH-1?

a cheap midi-Din to USB cable is doing the job.
i have this one

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btw. “OS”, the guy behind expert sleepers is getting a DT.
at least has i stated this in a thread at muffs.

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That’s me :slight_smile:

Please see here:

There is a beta FH-1 firmware for compatibility with the Digitakt.