Is turbo mode still possible with Sysex Librarian & TM-1?

Hi, I’m trying to upgrade my MD to the newest X.05A firmware and it’s taking me forever.
So I decided to take the TM-1 out for a use for the first time

I connected TM-1 to my macbook, both in/out to machinedrum, switched on Turbo mode (LED stays on), and started the transfer
However, I do not see a noticeable difference in transmission speed at all
It’s still taking forever to upload this 1.7mb of sysex data

When I check the transmit speed on Sysex Librarian settings, it shows up as 100%, 3125 Bytes/Sec.

Is this a normal behavior?
or am I doing something wrong?


I would like to know if Turbo Midi is available for the Sysex Librarian as well since C6 does not work on modern Mac computers.