Is there any way to disable Chain Mode?



Sometimes I hit the chain mode button by accident when playing live and it messes me up, is there any way to disable chain mode entirely? Thank you


You mean MKII’s Arranger button or Pattern Chain function ?
I don’t think you can disable them. You can remove the Arranger button or use something like this untill you stop pressing that button :




The one that gets me is sausage fingers hitting two trig button when swapping patterns which on the OT at least starts a mini chain going between the two patterns. Must be more careful!


Since you can leave the Arranger as easily as you open it, I’ll guess you mean the pattern chaining key combo ([PTN] + a series of [TRIG]s).

Neither is there a way to disable it, nor is there an official way to cancel the chain without pressing [STOP]+[STOP].

Just an idea (haven’t tried it): Maybe going into Arranger mode and play a single pattern from there may possibly cancel the chain?