Is there a way to output midi from internal sequencing (not midi tracks)?

So I’m making a live show in which I’m controlling a custom video game from midi.
The problem I have is that I’d like to sequence from within the Syntakt (instead of controlling the Syntakt from the Hapax) but I’d need to output every Syntakt triggers as Midi.
I found an option to output midi from triggers but it only works when you directly trig, not from sequences.

Is there an option I’m missing?

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What is it that you cannot use the Syntakt MIDI sequencing tracks for? You can make every track a MIDI track that then sends trigs out on the dedicated channel. You can also copy notes from a track that you are using e.g. for a lead, copy it to a new track and make this one a MIDI track, so you can send the trigs to another instrument. Sorry if this sounds stupid, but I don’t understand what you mean by “I found an option to output midi from triggers but it only works when you directly trig, not from sequences.”

Thanks :slight_smile:
There’s an option to use the triggers (pads) to control other instruments in midi. But I would like sequences (not midi) to be able to send midi among playing internally. Because why would we be able to send midi from pads (not midi tracks but machines tracks) but not from machine sequences?

That can work of course but would be bad in live circumstances (as if I mute my machine track I also have to mute my midi track).

Sorry, bit confused about your wording. What do you mean by machine sequences? By pads you mean trigs (buttons with 1-12 written on them) when using them in keyboard mode?

Also still not sure what you are trying to achieve and what hinders you. Maybe elaborate a bit.

Machines sequences are tracks actually :grinning: that plays the internal synths and not midi tracks.
By pad I mean trigs yes.

What I’m trying to achieve is that I’d like to be able to output midi from synths tracks. I need that to be able to send midi to Unreal Engine.
I could duplicate synth tracks to midi tracks with the same note information sure, but I thought it would be more straightforward if I would be able to send midi directly from synths tracks.
As we can trigger midi from synth tracks in live (meaning pushing the triggers buttons can send midi), I was wondering why internal sequences couldn’t send midi as well.

We all miss an option for that. At least midi notes.

On AR and A4, there is an option to send midi (and trigger internal sounds at the same time). This option came with an update, no sequenced midi before.

Other Elektrons can’t do this.

I’m also interested in for video trigger. It could be also usefull to stack sounds with other synths.


Ah yes! So it exists on other Elektron gears, that’s good news. And I’m not alone needing this! :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah got it, thanks for elaborating. As @sezare56 pointed out, you can tell a track on AF to send MIDI and assign a MIDI channel, so that you can play the same notes on another device simultaneously, so you have a stacked patch with different characteristics. I also prefer that to the copying to a MIDI track on the other boxes in some situations. On Syntakt, you have to copy it to a MIDI track. I think the way DIGIs handle MIDI with dedicated tracks is generally seen as an advantage compared to the makeshift solution on AF/AR.


There are also workarounds if you have enough midi tracks : trigger audio tracks with midi tracks, with a midi cable between in and out, use Thru for external synth.
(Possible with Octatrack, Digitakt, Digitone).

With Syntakt, it would be an hard decision to sacrifice audio tracks !

Digitone has an advantage with its Multi Map, which allows to midi trigger up to 128 soundpool sounds (1 per note). 4 tracks only though.

Ah nope nope ! That’s why this feature is important for me, because I want to be able to use PLock, and triggering audio track with a loopback doesn’t seems very interesting for that purpose. I’d rather control the Syntakt directly with my Hapax sequencer (which I partly do), but well, no PLock, no goodness.