Is there a way to make the forum background darker?

the white can be a bit much!

Love the rest of the styling though

Sadly not … something asked for quite a few times already in this thread … it’d sure be welcome for late night browsing

ah k. posted in that thread as well.

I wonder if I can edit the CSS of this site somehow and save a version or something. it will probably screw things up?

I wish there was a toggle to make the background completely red with black and white text option for night view. Red is advantageous in that your eyes do not have to adjust in contrast from a darker studio. We used it in flight cockpits and also telescope hobby.

I just used an extension called code cola, and adjusting the background colour kinda helps a bit. theres still lots of white but at least some is dark grey now

edit* it makes everything janky and I cant access the top right menu or hide the codecola panel. there must be some way to do it though. cba right now

hacker vision plugin for chrome. I use it for everything …


ah you the man. thats what was needed

If you use iOS or a mac, invert screen is your friend. It can be found in the accessibility settings. One of the best Apple OS perks IMO


I downloaded opera mini browser yesterday and it works well. Has a darker nigh vision mode.

Just tried this, perfect

Hi friends,

Would a black or darkest theme colors interface be possible for night users?

That would be great for our eyes!


Any free version ?

Night Mode Pro On Chrome Extention, Its free !


olé :slight_smile:

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windows OLE OLE

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youre a gamechanger, nice one

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If you’re on OSX check out f.lux

Now i use filter apps on my screens as blue light stresses my eyes.

Windows: sunsetscreen