Is there a test diagnosis menu?

Hi. I think the red light from track 1 of my Syntakt doesn’t work, but I am not sure if I touched something
Is there any test menu or something where I can test if all the led are working ok?

Probably hold FUNC when you turn it on. That is how to access test mode on the Digitakt.


Thank you. The “1” red led is not working :disappointed_relieved:

so with Fn held on startup
and then pressing 1
then pressing 3,4, or 5 (or any combo together) you get no illumination on 1 ?

If so then it’s clearly a dead led. but try a factory reset first before contacting shop/elektron

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I get no red ilumination on “1”. The other colors work well.

I did a Factory reset but the problem is still there.

Thanks for the help!

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ouch !!

What a downer! Hope you can replace it soon. Where did you get it if I may ask? (I think you’re Spain based)

It’s not really mine. It’s from a friend. We are on Spain and bought from a store here. It’s out of stock now… :cry:

Honestly, it may be quicker to get it repaired and returned by :3lektron: - but that’s not necessarily ideal to some … ultimately the unit’s led will be swapped out anyway

He may get a new one, as it’s only 1 day old. He received it yesterday. Let’s see how it’s going

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Hi, @Mcpepe

Did you solve your problem? I have the same issue…

He exchanged his Syntakt for another one. It was a hardware problem.