Is there a rhyme and reason to how your organize your Parts and Scenes?

Wondering if you have a certain method for Parts and Scenes? Like, “Part 3 tends to be for darker sounds. Scenes 1-4 for reverby stuff.” Or do you just create whatever in whatever Part/Scene?

Not me! Pure chaos and memorization. Kinda like the BS, unintuitive layout of my saxophones. Maybe I’m a bit of a sadist…

There’s so many ways to set things up…

I use parts but not that many patterns as I’m live loop based so my variations come more from redoing the loops… I’ll just use the first 4 patterns each linked to a different part and not use the rest of the bank… The parts are in no certain order, they’re just ideas that I come up with, usually rearranging recorder buffers to flex tracks, switching samples, switching fx, and having different scenes…

For scenes I use trigs 1-8 for scene A and 9-16 for scene B. I usually use them to fade some tracks out and fade some tracks in with xvol, usually to bring in the flex remixes and bring in fx…
My dry loops are on the left side of the OT tracks and my flex remixes on the right, so I use A side scenes to mix in the dry stuff and B side scenes to mix in the flex and fx, in different ways…

To me it seems logical to comprehend:
OT “left side”: tracks 1-4, scene side A, trigs 1-8, = dry side
OT “right side”: tracks 5-8, scene side B, trigs 9-16 = flex remix/fx side

I usuually have two of every scene that I use next to each other with the only difference being one will have a sampled rytm loop with xvol max and the live rytm with xdir min, and the other will have the sampled rytm loop xvol min, live rytm xdir max…
Gives me drum options as I use the scenes, same drums on each side, different drums on each side, fade to one scene then back to the last scene but with different drums, etc…

That’s what I do anyway… :cowboy_hat_face:

Scene 01 : Track Specific for fading in
Scenes 02-08 : Generic “stuff”… filter sweeps; echo delays blah de blah
Scene 09 : Track Specific for fading out
Scenes 10-16 : Track specific; midi scenes; experiemental etc

Something like that… I just do whatever on the fly; then worry about sorting it out later.

I put a breakdown of how I set things up here.

my current approach to Parts:

Part 1 is for Patterns 1-4
Part 2 is for Patterns 5-8
Part 3 is for Patterns 9-12
Part 4 is for Patterns 13-16

even if i use the same arrangement of a Part, when i get to Pattern 5, i just copy Part 1 to Part 2 and keep on rocking. Some people use different Parts to have a different set of effects on the arrangement, that would be a very cool usage idea.

I currently plan to use Scene A and B sides to crossfade between tracks 1-4 and tracks 5-8, when playing a live set. Admittedly, there should be much more utilisation of Scenes, but i just haven’t explored them overly much. The minimal amount of Scene exploration i have enjoyed so far though is highly rewarding.

When in a phase of recording new sections track by track, nearly all my tracks are devoted to the Recording slots, so it kind of doesn’t matter how i change them. Different mode of usage i guess.

This for me…

In most parts first 4 tracks for Low end, hook, tracks 5-6 for perc and hi hats etc.

I use Parts and Banks as a way to have the OT change configuration(s) for what I want to do now ( also “what will I need next?”), not so much tied to patterns, but tied to patterns of necessary.

8 is usually Master track, 7 & 6 are usually Thru machine routing and processing inputs, while 5-2 are usually Flex Machines, and sometimes 1 is a PickupMachine

All this so OT supports me recording new material, or manipulating already recorded sounds.